Sandy Munro Unleashed: Tesla’s Game-Changer Set to Crush Competition Ever! (Video)

welcome back to the investment insights Channel where we have an electrifying topic to explore today have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when testing the seats of a Tesla well hold on tight because we're diving into the secrets of robotic testing and seat durability so we stumbled upon this fascinating video showcasing robotic testing for the seats you might have heard the term Ingress egress but what does that even mean it's just a fancy way of saying getting in and out of the car but there's more to it than meets the eye let's look at it this way when you enter an exit a car you naturally twist and move right imagine a robotic form mimicking human actions putting pressure on the seat as it goes in and out that's the kind of testing we're talking about and it's no walk in the park but wait there's more it's not just about the cover and foam we need to ensure the seat structure remains Rock Solid too without of Cycles we're testing the springs and connections to ensure they won't break down over time now let's talk Johnson's squirm all right I bet you just by listening to it you can kind of understand what it means if I'm sitting in the seat and I'm moving along I'm trying to grab my seat belt I'm trying to reach into the back seat I'm trying to do something what am I doing I am causing force on that seat cover on that seed structure in a twisting Motion in a rubbing motion in Johnson scrum I need to test to make sure that my materials are holding up I don't want that cover to rip off of the foam I don't want the foam to separate from the metal structure I've seen times where this seam the foam will actually completely tear all the way through and this bolster breaks off I have seen foam collapse I have seen the covers actually tear so we want to try to avoid all of that now it's wonderful being able to do that with a robot because we can go many many cycles but what's wrong foreign that's what we're putting these seats through we must ensure the materials hold up no tearing covers no collapsing foam and definitely no broken bolsters you might think why not just use humans for these tests well as entertaining as it would be humans are unpredictable robots can repeat the exact same test thousands of times giving us consistent results but hey don't let that stop you from giving your seat some extra love too oh I've got a story for you once some daring folks tried a Hands-On test with the seat folding and unfolding it thousands of times to see what happens while it might not be the best idea it did show us the importance of a well-crafted robotic testing program whether it's the robotic form moving precisely or a human providing unique lateral loads we strive for the best results after all it's not just about making seats but creating a comfortable and durable experience for experience for Tesla drivers and there you have it the secrets of Tesla's seat testing revealed if you enjoyed this electrifying exploration make sure to hit that subscribe button and stay tuned for more exciting content from Monroe live until then have a fantastic day