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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] T this SI I want one I'm s this looks so cool look welcome to electrified it's your host Dylan Lumis quick shout out to my newest patrons Charles D Ron W and Carl s thank you for choosing to support the channel the Peterson Auto Museum in Los Angeles California is hosting its 29th Gala October 7th from 6:00 to 10: p.m. ticket prices start at $1,750 I'm telling you this because Gregor truck reportedly got a message from the Peterson Museum saying that at this event a cyber truck will be one of the vehicles that will be auctioned off at the gala it'll be a low Vin unit one of the first production cyber trucks so in case you're looking to spend upwards of $500,000 for one of the first cyber trucks built this event may be for you and I'm sorry but I am not going to take the bait on speculating what this means if anything for actual cybertruck customer deliveries we'll just wait and see in case you missed it this morning we got Tesla's Q3 numbers they produced 430.52 and delivered 435,000 vehicles for the quarter coming in shy of wall Street's expectations which ended around 455,000 we've already talked about this all quarter so I'm not going to dive in this is not the quarter to do a deep dive for extrapolation of what this means for Tesla's future given all of the factory shutdowns and upgrades but I do want to highlight a few things number one James Stevenson was only 59 cars off when it came to the delivery number so James well done sir two Tesla's days of inventory number still sits at 16 in line with quarter 2 and for some context most of the industry is sitting between 40 and 70 days of inventory if not even over 100 so Tesla at 16 is still an awesome figure three Tesla's year-to-date deliveries through quarter 3 now sit at 1324 million meaning to hit that 1.8 million number for the year they need to deliver 476,000 in quarter 4 which if the model 3 Highland ramp goes well they should be able to do 99 times out of 100 I'll be the guy trying to shift everybody's Focus back to the bigger picture so with all of the factory shutdowns and upgrades with interest rates where they're at with Tesla dealing with the Osborne effect given the model 3 upgrades and now a model y slight upgrade there's going to be people waiting to see what Tesla's next move is all of those fact s together we really should be expecting some lower sales figures for the time being despite all of those challenges Tesla is still on track to hit its annual guidance for the year so to me everything looks just fine we also got an interesting new Tesla stock note from Morgan Stanley they said we're hearing increasing feedback from Fleet managers and franchise dealers on the downstream challenges of Rapid EV adoption we anticipate the rate of change of EV penetration May disappoint as investors consumers and Regulators contemplate the hidden costs of diversification from a Chinese dominated EV supply chain into a market where many players have yet to prove viability of the business model then they share some anecdotes from some industry Executives on this EV transition so given these few anecdotes Morgan Stanley is now pretty bearish expecting 9% us EV penetration by 2025 and 25% by 2030 part of which is due to due to the current inability of EV players to manage the flow of repairs in a timely manner a challenge Tesla has been dealing with for a decade part of why they ended up launching Tesla Insurance to close this Loop and improve the process fancy that insurance is apparently another hurdle for some in the industry as we have dealers and other counterparties talking about their problems with insurance companies when it comes to EV underwriting due to unpredictable and higher physical damage loss ratios and lastly we have franchise dealers complaining about decelerating EV sales and Rising inventories despite more incentives other issues difficulty in permission for highspeed Chargers lack of trained technicians Etc just want to highlight if you're new to the story these are all problems that Tesla again has been working on and solving for the past decade so even if the EV transition does slow over the next two years because of these hurdles this in a way will actually only benefit Tesla because they will once again become one of the only EV makers actually producing compelling Vehicles Great for Tesla not great for the EV transition at scale given all of this Morgan Stanley said yet again they expect eveve spending by oems to slow down as they reshift their focus back to their profitable ice and or hybrid vehicles aka the competition actually running away I won't read this section to you so pause if you'd like but here they talk about what I just said in a bit more detail explaining how Tesla may find itself in a more dominant position when you layer in the impact of the IRA you got to love their very scientific EV penetration chart more importantly though they said we believe Tesla is uniquely positioned to lead Engineering in cost improvements that have yet to truly unlock the scale potential of the EV economy simply put we're at a turning point for Legacy Automotive they're now standing face to face with all of the challenges of making EVS at scale and they have to ask themselves the question do they push through and continue to lose money or or do they tone it back rely on their ice vehicles that are profitable and wait to see what happens with the market we got a pretty awesome new video from Jay Leno Dan Priestley and fron talking about the Tesla semi I'll just share a few of the main takeaways I had from the video Dan Priestley said that the Tesla semi will save on average $200,000 in fuel Savings in the first three years of operation compared to a diesel truck the Tesla semi has A4 coefficient of drag which compared to traditional semi trucks they are8 to .9 so the Tesla semi more than twice as aerodynamic the Tesla semi is indeed rear wheeel drive but there's more to it than you might think in the industry Steer tires are more heavily regulated and you don't want to wear them out quickly you cannot go down to as low of a tread depth with the tires so by removing the torque aspect making it rear wheeel drive only you can actually elongate the life of the steer tires which for the Tesla semi are the ones in the front Dan also said how the Tesla semi would use many of the other parts from other Tesla vehicles like the Cyber truck which will help when it comes to economies of scale one example the Tesla semi is using the same screens from the model 3 and Y Dan also said when it comes to the automatic regen levels on the semi you can adjust it simply by Feathering the accelerator never actually having to touch the brake fun fact the number one cost for workers comp is actually workers falling off the trucks so Tesla spent extra time when they designed stepping in and getting out of the vehicle the Tesla semi does indeed have air suspension there's still no public price but comparable to other electric heavy trucks they're very comparable and they focused on having much lower operating costs in this video you're looking at Tesla's daycab which is for delivery routes or Regional routes where the drivers go out and then end up back at the same Hub every day they did say however Tesla will do a sleeper cab eventually once the charger network is more established right now Tesla is using the semi to haul battery packs from Reno to California as well as drivetrains and they're doing the exact same as what diesel trucks do the same load the same route the same operation so far Tesla has made a few dozen he said 60 to 70 so right now they're collecting data getting driver feedback and then they're actually going to make some changes before entering volume production when it comes to the braking system they do use air brakes but it's a brake by wire system that they brought over from Europe which results in much smoother breaking as you can see they had three people comfortably in Tesla's daycab in the semi they talked about how the seat reclines more than any traditional truck and of course you can precondition right from the app in the future Tesla will allow more software flexibility when it comes to full screen camera views for the user interface Dan said the Tesla semis turning radius is the same as the model 3 and Y which is pretty impressive part of how they can do this given that there's no engine it gives them a high degree of wheel cut and maneuverability the semi operates in the 800 to 1,000 Volt range but they do still use 12vt and 24volt brake systems however they are considering 48 Volts for their next gen semi Leno did actually get to tow a low roof semi they didn't really tell us much other than they just wrapped up some hot summer testing of that variant Tesla has not done solar panels on vehicles yet because the cost trade-off is still not worth it it adds too much complexity and you don't get it back in terms of energy yet Dan talked a few different times about how with the Tesla semi the power is actually dynamically adjusted given the current situation so it gives the driver the appropriate level of power for different circumstances without the driver having to adjust anything themselves and given that the average age of truck drivers is over 50 the ease of driving the Tesla semi not having to learn the complexities of traditional ice trucks could actually attract more drivers to the industry it was a very positive video Leno loves Tesla and honestly this is some of the best advertising you can do albeit not official you may recall last week I told you about the grva which is just the working party working on regulations for autonomous vehicles over in Europe well a long story short there are some delays it looks like the draft is going to have to be revised because there is so much to talk about so the takeaway is we may not see official regulation when it comes to these automated vehicles in parts of the EU until sometime around January 2025 I did check it out and a lot of this information is coming from a German Tesla Forum so I would not take this as gospel however I wanted to pass along for those of you over in the EU just you may have to be patient when it comes to FSD actually being released over there the way I'm understanding it each Adas driving feature has to be approved before it can be implemented so autopilot in certain EU regions was first approved now Tesla is waiting for new regulations for FSD maybe there are some workarounds here when it comes to each country specifically if they had their own permit or regulation but certain countries may just wait to see what the GV decides from a higher level we have to check in on Ford and the F-150 Lightning as now they're seemingly cancelling High volumes of orders due to Quality checks and today Ford confirmed exactly that we have Ford now working to match 23 Supply levels with demand as the company prepares to change over to 2024 lightning production later this year as a result we have cancelled some dealer stock orders not submitted as pre-sold for model year 2023 our manufacturing team is critical to our quality efforts because they are the last line of defense for delivery to our customers we've identified a couple of additional areas where we believe additional checks are necessary as we ramp production ction the issue is not safety related and there are some numbers being thrown around but I have not seen anything official when it comes to cancellation numbers I believe over the weekend it was the car dealership guide that first broke some of this news customers began receiving emails saying Ford has actually cancelled all the incoming F-150 lightnings that were getting built this from a sales rep at a Ford dealer I haven't seen Ford make this official but could it have something to do with the UAW strikes because there was this also shared by car dealership guy Ford is losing Parts distribution this morning which was last week I work at a Ford dealer the parts manager just told us were cut off from anything that has not already shipped Joe T shared some images of the first verified crash tested cyber truck at Giga Texas so here's one shot you can see the front definitely crumpled in it appears as though the airbags have deployed as well and here's one more look so tough to really draw many conclusions from this but exciting to see nonetheless from Reuters we got a legal win for Tesla there were some Tesla owners looking to put together a class action lawsuit when it comes to false advertising of Tesla's autopilot features but we got a new ruling a federal judge has ruled this group of owners must pursue their claims in arbitration rather than Court this marks a significant victory for Tesla as it means the company will not have to face class action claims on behalf of much larger groups of vehicles owners the more precedents like this that can be set in Tesla's favor the easier the future will become according to data from EU EVS the model Y is Norway's bestselling car through the first three quarters of 2023 in the first 9 months of the year Tesla sold 19.5 th000 model wise more than 2,000 units more than the four closest competitors combined those competitors being the id4 the scota enyak the ID buzz and the Toyota bz4 X in France we have La Tribune reporting that in September Tesla sold 5.5 th000 Vehicles which were all model y by the way they had no model 3 sales in September and Tesla actually made up 3.55% of the overall French auto market for the month and electric vehicles were up around 19% in evaluating those Tesla was determined to be the best value for E ISD taxpayers and we can get those vehicles in 60 days other traditional makes and models of police vehicles we knew were probably going to take us at least a year to be able to provide to our officers in our new department and not only that but the other more conventional police vehicles that might be available to us even after 12 or more months we going to be considerably more expensive than the Tesla models that are proposed to us that's why we're recommending the Tesla as the best value and the most cost effective Ive option for I IST taxpayers and our new police department on X Nick shared that his application for the San Diego Gas and Electric VPP through Tesla was accepted and we get an update 244 Fleet homes are now enrolled in this program so those San Diego Gas and Electric customers with Powerball are up and running something to keep an eye on in the weeks ahead holar said he just got word that Tesla is delivering cars with FSD installed out of the box meaning if you purchase FSD when you configure your Tesla rather than taking delivery and then have to wait for a software update to actually activate FSD it'll already be installed and ready to go and this is speculation on my part but there's a chance this means Tesla is moving to one main branch for the user interface and FSD which would mean the FSD beta group would not have to wait months and months to get the rest of the features that everybody else already has over the weekend Tesla China only so far has out of nowhere released what I'm calling a partial refresh of the model y one of the main new features the interior ambient lighting they've also moved over to the new softer textile materials rather than the wood in the prior version and rather than the silver 19in Gemini Wheels they now have them as black or gray depending on who you ask either way I certainly prefer this color clicking around the Tesla China configuration and the official weebo post I was not able to find anything about a rear screen for the model y so that's why part of why I'm calling this a partial refresh so no I do not think this is the fullon project Juniper that we're expecting still sometime maybe quarter 3 of 2024 this would just be to hold people over until that time and for now they're offering these new features at the same price as before and from Chris Zang who can be somewhat hit or miss so keep that in in mind he said in addition to ambient lights drive units and wheels model y also brings Hardware 4.0 and noise vibration harshness reduction kits this time but when it comes to the features there is still plenty of confusion so I would urge caution with all of this because we also have car news China saying they contacted Tesla's PR in China about Hardware 4 the company confirmed it is not featured on the updated model Y which still has Hardware 3 car news China did confirm the faster acceleration at 5.9 seconds a full second faster than before but that's only for the mod Y Standard Version as the long range and performance remain unchanged when it comes to acceleration and power they're also saying the mod Y standard range got an increase of about 5 m in range and the long range got a 17m increase performance variant unchanged also as far as I can tell no ventilated seats and no official word on when this might come to Fremont and Austin but if I had to guess I would again be setting my expectations maybe q1 2024 but then again is there a world where this recent shutdown at Austin has something to do with this I would say it's possible but I'm not getting my hopes up the way I'm interpreting this partial refresh it was just Tesla taking the lowest hanging fruit so that more people don't wait for the fullon project Juniper refresh of the model y it may also help to streamline production and have more of the same parts used especially when it comes to that Dash and the ambient lights having it on the three and the Y in time we'll learn officially what the real changes are and are not but either way to have it at the same price you love to see it from Drive Tesla they just opened a new supercharger in Richmond British Columbia it'll be the newest and also the largest in the country on Friday night Tesla turned on a 40 stall V3 supercharger site on Garden City Road $22 per KW hour and and no peak or off peak hours for now it's the third supercharger open to Richmond bringing some more capacity to the city right outside of Vancouver that has one of the largest Tesla owner populations per capita in Canada I thought this was an interesting data point so far we have about 25% of countries globally planning to phase out gas vehicles two caveats I would add one you have different timelines for different locations and two a lot of these are still being challenged and depending on the political situation and any changes these could of course change I still believe if we just let the free market play out here EVS would win the future in time but anything to expedite the process is going to be a win in my book rivan also dropped its Q3 numbers produced 16.3 th000 delivered 15.5 th000 more importantly they remain on track to deliver their 52,000 annual production guidance comparing quarter over quarter for rivian if you go back in quarter 2 they produced 13.9 th000 and delivered 12.6 th000 so they're making progress in a pretty challenging macro environment so really good for them a quick UAW strike update last Friday Mary Bara was seemingly a bit frustrated saying it's clear that there is no real intent to get an agreement she said it's clear sha feain wants to make history for himself but it can't be to the detriment of our represented team members and the industry the UAW is pitting the companies against one another but it's a strategy that ultimately only helps the non-union competition in response the UAW said that Mar Bara did not show up to bargaining this week feain said we're not out here just for the heck of it we're out here because GM and the three companies screwed around for over 7 weeks and did not get into bargaining with us and just today GM said it was indefinitely laying off 160 workers at plants in Indiana and Ohio the word is the UAW is holding new bargaining sessions with the GM and stellantis today and the union said it did reach a new labor agreement with Volvo group owned Mac trucks JP Morgan estimating the strike so far has cost GM 1991 million and Ford 145 million just so you know I'm adding this article to the prediction tracker so at the end of 2024 we can come back and look at all of these new vehicles that were supposed to be released in 2024 and see how it went Toyota is still hyping up its new production methods for EVS talking about six radical steps the overhaul hinges on a host of breakthrough Technologies risky already but they're based in the Toyota production system but turbocharged with digital tools for the EV era Toyota is implementing these new techniques in tested factories across their Toyota City stronghold in Japan still promising first deliveries of this new Eevee platform in 2026 to prove that it's serious last month Toyota hosted that two-day tour of the sites that we heard about their Chief production officer said Toyota is getting its groove back we have been late in starting the progress but we hope to Leap Frog ahead of Tesla this way Toyota exec say the high stakes transformation is as revolutionary as the shift to unibody from body onframe Vehicles a decade ago and their success is anything but guaranteed but they're still throwing around wild claims like this new EV architecture will require half the investment and development resources but the vehicles will double their range thanks to better batteries the CEO said I'm going to utilize Toyota's skill to change the future of car making sometimes we might have to destroy the conventional way of production one method Toyota will be using software and virtual world representations they use a wall-size video screen to interact with these 3D digital models of possible line designs that are overlaid onto existing Factory floors they said this should have the time it needs to retool a new vehicle line and cuts equipment cost by a quarter method two Toyota's Giga cast technique which we know all about however Engineers are cautioning there is still a lot of work to do before mass production can begin for now Toyota only has 1 Giga press and by 2026 it'll need more and bigger ones this Toyo Bev is just the name for this hypothetical car that Toyota is developing then they go into battery claims I won't waste your time they've made outlandish promises in the past but funny enough Toyota Engineers say they've cracked the code of solid state batteries well let's see it they go on to talk about a new body in paint shop and moving from welds to considering bolts and other things which if you're picking up on it sounds a lot like Tesla then they go into a self-propelled assembly line where camera and light R sensors can be installed along the factory pillars to keep the car on track and clear of workers and here's one of their logistic robot vehicles moving cars around parking lots to load onto car carriers and they said the company wants to eventually supplant the Lots 22 human workers with 10 robots a production officer said we have a long history of success this can be both a strength and a weakness it's sometimes difficult to have a breakthrough but we like to say that in times of a pinch there also comes an opportunity this is a big turning point in our competitiveness apparently finally they realize they need drastic changes to remain relevant now the question over the next few years is can they execute remains to be seen byd also reported delivery figures for today and their Q3 sales for Pure electric vehicles 431.073 anything away from byd it just is not a great comparison and here are some great charts highlighting the pure Bev sales comparison between Tesla and byd just keep all of that context in mind and just to prepare everybody given that Tesla is not going to have that more affordable EV most likely for another 2 to three years byd is most likely going to surpass Tesla in full Bev sales it could happen as soon as quarter 4 of this year we just have to remember byd's average sale price may be almost half of Teslas and we have to keep profits in mind which we should hear from byd in a few days awesome accomplishment from starlink it's now available across the entire United States hope you guys have a wonderful day please like the video if you did you can find me on X linked below and a huge thank you to all of my patreon supporters [Music]