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breaking Shiba Inu is number one by social volume from lunar Crush which is quite funny considering the fact that we discussed this earlier this morning and I hadn't even seen it yet on Twitter but the ship token Twitter page retweeted lunarcrest stating the fact that shib is essentially on fire when it comes to social volume which is awesome stuff you love to see it now when it comes to Shiba Inu we are seeing a move to the downside I think ship is down about six and a half percent on the day and I'm sure a lot of people are panicking starting to wonder oh no did I miss the top oh no is the run-up over I don't think so in fact if you take a look at ship on the four hour this is pretty normal price action we are seeing a correction after a massive run-up yesterday now I pulled out the Fibonacci retracement Tool uh long story short there's some math behind it that I'm not going to try to explain here but when it comes to trying to figure out where could ship bounce we are very quickly approaching the golden pocket now where's the golden pocket sit at it also sits at where an order block lies which is essentially just where buyers are sitting where liquidity is and that is at right around the 90 level so for me if Shiba Inu is to see a continuation to the downside which it's right around the 93 level during the making of this video heck by the time you're watching this we might have already bounced that is where I'm watching right around that 90 level is where I expect personally Shiba Inu to bounce if we don't bounce there then we could very well see a full Gap fill from the previous day by that meaning we could either see a wick or just a full-blown red candle engulfing the previous green candle and uh that wouldn't be too fun right we don't want to see that happen ideally it's just going to bounce up the golden pocket and from there we'll just see a pretty strong bounce and start heading on upwards again so as it sits right now this correction isn't anything out of the norm you know if it starts falling below that 90 level that's where it kind of gets a little bit iffy right it's like okay the next level is I think it's called the 782 that one is also a Fibonacci level but it's pretty much a full-blown retracement at that point which I hope isn't going to happen so let me know your thoughts in the comments down below do you think the run-up for Shiba Inu is over or do you think it's just getting started me personally I think it's just getting started I think the big picture still looks incredibly well on bigger time frames from a momentum perspective from a trend perspective but only time will tell right I can't tell the future but that's just my prediction let me know your thoughts in the comments down below other than that I appreciate you all and we'll see you in the next one

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