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we have 48 hours left until we are at August 15th today is obviously August 13th 40 hours left we were in the official countdown if you will for the launch of shibarium we all know it's coming will they announce it launch it on the 15th or on the 16th the conference is actually the two-day conference it's on the 15th and 16th this is the uh the futurist conference uh I think of it as eth Canada but uh we all know that they're going to be launching shibarium and we're waiting for it and uh crypto Market overall a little flat today not really much going on it's almost like everybody's just kind of distracted if you will um but we are in the countdown and so drop in the comments below let me know what your thoughts are do you think that uh shibarium is going to dramatically move the price from here until Tuesday which is when we officially are kind of at the event if you will I was gonna go to the event but I had some family stuff come up so I'm not going to be there but a lot of people are going to be there Shiba Inu is one of the main sponsors there so we'll see how all that plays out but uh yeah we're looking at August 15th and 16th the launch of shibarium I think it's going to uh I think tomorrow Monday the 14th we could see a rise in all of the relative Shiba Inu tokens obviously we're talking about shiv itself we're talking about leash and we're talking about bone uh we'll continue to see those I still think we're going to get bone over two dollars uh right at or around um you know the launch so that's all I got for you right now but we are in the official countdown as I know more I will continue to update you guys so otherwise have a great Sunday and I'll come back at you here uh soon see you bye

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