so a trending term on YouTube search was is Shiba Inu coin a good investment is it a good time to buy now well it all depends as with anything when it comes to Shiba Inu it has around a five six billion market cap and it is incredibly volatile more so than something like Bitcoin or ethereum and even during a bear Market Bitcoin goes down you know 70 80 percent and we can see all coins like shibinu go down 90 plus percent so it is an incredibly volatile asset which can offer great returns but at the same time you know you can lose a lot of money very quickly so when it comes to cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu or anything that's incredibly volatile me personally I like to put a portion of my funds towards assets like this so let's say you have a hundred dollars and you're looking to invest into crypto like my strategy would be probably about 50 or so would go into the big caps like Bitcoin and ethereum maybe 30 into some of the all coins that are in the top 50 and then maybe that lasts a little bit into some riskier plays trying to make a really great return the fact of the matter is when it comes to cryptocurrencies like shibinu it's very important to sort of know what's going on in the space to try and take advantage of times when you could see a potential run-up kind of like we're seeing what we're seeing right now with the whole shibarium narrative in addition to other things that could potentially come out as far as like is shib a good investment it really depends on what your risk profile is what you're willing to lose what you're sort of looking to gain and kind of going in with that mindset I'm not in love with any cryptocurrency that I hold and I am willing to sell it at any time that I believe um I'm gonna lose money that's kind of just the way it is and that's why it's always so important to have stop losses to have a strategy in place to buy into strength rather into weakness and try to ride trends but is it time to buy shibinu that is totally up to you and your risk profile we don't give investment advice here all I can do is offer you my perspective and my sort of mindset when I try and go you know into these crypto projects because as much as I want to believe Shiba Inu is going to do incredibly well it's the first crypto I ever bought been covering it since I first bought it and we've kind of just been you know going along for the ride ultimately I think a lot of cryptocurrencies are going to die if you will in the long term as much as blockchain technology certainly looks like it has a future it's incredibly interesting I'm just kind of wondering as to the use case for the tens of thousands of crypto projects that have launched since it's become a thing ultimately I think there's going to be a lot of big Winners and a ton of losers so there's going to be a couple of big Winners and a lot of losers that kind of just die off and that's kind of the end of their story um so if you want to hop on the train Enjoy the Ride by all means if not that's totally up to you again just depends on your risk appetite and what you're trying to get out of crypto and Shiba Inu let me know your thoughts in the comments down below are you a ship holder are you thinking about buying ship are you not really interested in it appreciate you all guys and we'll see you in the next video