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Shiba Inu coin holders the ship team has posted some pictures at the blockchain futurist conference and today we're going to be taking a look at the booth and see if we can find anything interesting so they said here if you're at the futurist conference why not come and swing by and say hello the ship Army is a welcoming and friendly bunch and we'd love to connect with you so if we click on this reverse photo you'll see a bunch of trinkets you can see shaitoshi kusama's logo or previous profile picture it looks like they've made it 3D in addition to shibarium ship leash bone and treat now treat kinda looks like the ship logo more of a coin-esque type look just based on what we're seeing here and beyond that I'm not seeing anything major however if we go to this next picture this is where things get quite interesting because we have shipped the metaverse in addition to shaitoshi's we can get a better view here of his profile picture now if we have a look you can see shib the metaverse in the background kind of gives a Sims Vibe I don't know about you guys when it comes to the graphics it doesn't look as good although it doesn't necessarily have to right the utility in it is going to be not only a place where you can host different nfts you have and stuff like that but it's also going to be a place which I believe they've stated you're going to almost be able to buy and sell stuff in the metaverse so that's going to be pretty cool when it comes to metaverse utility I feel like we're just at the beginning I'd love to see it in the future where you could literally slap on a headset you could virtually shop do whatever and have it shipped to your door how cool would that be but we can see a little bit of what's going on the layout how you can customize your building and stuff like that so that's pretty cool and I do believe we are going to be getting the alpha or the beta later this year so awesome stuff you'd love to see it that they're clearly working on it and it looks pretty darn good beyond that though if we go take a look at Shiba Inu despite the fact that the market for the most part is in the red you look at ship you look at bone you look at leash and they are all in the green which is great stuff now as far as like what's going to happen after shaitoshi's speech today at 2 10 pm Eastern Standard Time I believe that's when it starts is the big question are we going to see a pump are we going to see a dump I'm going to be making a video on that before he does it and what I want to hear personally I appreciate you all though guys enjoy the rest of your day and we'll see you in the next video

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