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okay Shiba Inu coin holders I owe you an apology and that apology is I said last night that shibarium had relaunched when in fact it hasn't I had some bad information so my apologies I am sorry and uh but it is now live so block production has resumed we're back up and running uh you see the price of bones starting to move up and Leash is moving up she being is up about one point not a lot right now uh I'm still not at home yet still down in downtown Fort Worth the Stockyards area with my wife did a little staycation kind of get away from the construction and the all that stuff okay so again my apologies I am sorry that I said yesterday evening that shibarium had launched and and you guys let me know about it in the comments so thank you keep me honest right okay so again my I am sorry with that looking forward obviously bone up right before I started recording bone was up 16 so Bone's starting to move and I think we're going to continue to see bone go up I think it's going to continue to go up as obviously shibarium starts to scale back up we start to see you know more and more projects launch more and more volume transactions going through um you know shibarium I've always been excited about the price of bone as it's you know associated with obviously being the gas token for barium so I definitely see good things coming for that leash obviously moving up as well and I talked about this in a video yesterday how about leash and Bone have really been almost a brother and sister in the context of moving together and and kind of you know walking together from a price action standpoint they tend to move in in accordance with each other so that's happening again as well so with that just again a real quick video uh just to say hey I'm sorry had a little I jumped the gun just a little bit uh but shibarium is back up block production Hazard has resumed transactions are moving through they probably have got it a little throttled if you will and what I mean is it's they're probably managing and watching the volume uh and kind of letting that volume gradually ramp up I would assume they're not that nobody has publicly said that but uh you know that's kind of my my two cents in my opinion so with that I'll be back later today with some more videos for you but just wanted to get with you real quick have a good one take care

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