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good morning ship Army and happy Sunday so in today's video we are going to be taking a look at one of the most important metrics indicators whatever you want to call it and it is none other than fear and greed now Warren Buffett is very famous for saying something along the lines of by the fear sell the greed if we take a look at the one day for Shiba Inu right now there are a lot of very positive things when it comes to taking a look at the different metrics here such as price volatility volume uh social dominance neutral search etc etc however you take a look at Wales and it's very negative so we zoom in a little bit to the four hour all of a sudden it's neutral a lot of these start flipping yellow and red and then we start flipping to the one hour and there is fear search is down technicals are not looking that great whales are a little bit positive but overall things are starting to look like a correction if we go take a look at the daily to get or stop the daily if we go take a look at the daily social volume for shibinu it has also fallen off pretty much across the board except for shared links so what am I trying to say here interest has been weaning a little bit over the past 24 hours which makes sense considering the fact that we are seeing a little bit of retracement and it's reflected in volume as well you take a look at shibinu over the past 24 hours volume is down 32 percent we're still sitting at 430 billion which is great for ship however if we want to see this run up continue you know later today when Asia Market opens tomorrow when we have any Market open we need to start to see the volume roll in or else this correction might continue of course so here's the hourly time frame we're very clearly setting lower highs lower lows lower highs lower lows lower highs lower lows this is a downtrend now taking a look at the daily you know it still looks really good right as much as we are seeing a little bit of a move to the downside I mean ultimately look how much up we are over the past two weeks or so and even previous to where we saw this big run up you know we had pretty big correction days six percent we had a four percent move here so over a ten percent move from Wick to Wick to the bottom and now here we are again where we've seen a very strong impulsive move up and here we have our first red day so as far as you know what's going to happen next with shibinu it's very difficult to tell right Market moves incredibly fast but as it sits right now we are seeing some selling pressure come in um if I had to take a guess at it I mean worst case scenario we'd go down and test the 200-day EMA uh the trend line I guess could be even worse the last time we even touched the one hour 200 EMA was all the way back here on the 7th of August so only time will tell hopefully we don't go down that low but anything's possible I appreciate you all though guys enjoy the rest of your day and we'll see you in the next video

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