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so when it comes to Shiba Inu we have seen a lot of whipsaw price action this week and heading into the market open or stock market open I should say for this Friday my big question is are we pumping are we dumping because right now we are seeing a contraction in volatility on the four hour on the two hour on the one hour on these smaller time frames and ship is wedged right between the 78-ish level where this run-up initially started and that 85 resistance level that we can't just manage to break through now in order for Shiba Inu to see a macro shift in price action we need to see a daily close above that 85 level that would from a macro perspective show a big directional change in ships price action so if we can manage to do it I think that'd be a pretty strong signal that the Bulls are in control and right now there's a battle going on between the Bulls and the Bears heck I took a look at the order books and it's pretty much 50 50 again heading into stock market open now as far as like what could potentially cause Shiba Inu to go up of course anything from the developers to get people hyped to get people excited and we're kind of in one of these weird spots because the traditional equities Market you know the NASDAQ the Spy they've been skyrocketing to the Moon over the past couple of months whereas crypto hasn't been doing too much and now all of a sudden when it starts to look like crypto's gonna see a rally uh we're seeing the stock market dump seeing a correction now I'm hoping that's all it's going to be is a little quick correction in the stock market it's been going up only for the past you know whatever one or a couple months I should say honestly it's just been going up um I'm hoping it's just going to be a mini correction and crypto won't fall too much if at all and then when it starts going again we'll start to see crypto go because there's been a contraction across uh contraction and volatility in the crypto market for quite a while and something's got to give at some point and I'm hoping that give is going to be a breakout to the upside and I'm hoping shib is going to go with that ride uh only time will tell you know doesn't mean it's going to be this Friday heck it might not be this weekend it could be next week could be the next week all I'm hoping is this correction isn't going to last too long all I'm hoping is shebe news price action is actually going to play out and we're going to see some good stuff now people are asking me on the live streams you know Chad what do you think is going to happen realistically what could you see ship doing this year to me a good rally would be about a hundred percent because if you take a look back during I think is the December period last year Shiba Inu got up to the 14 15 or 1600 levels somewhere around there and that's a 2X that's pretty much a 2X for rare ship is right now um to me a crazy situation would be like uh 200 gain 300 gain that'd be beyond my expectations but me personally I'm hoping for at least the 2x of course I can't tell the future but to me that would be a successful year if we could pull that off at least a 2X right that would be beating a lot of other cryptocurrencies out there as far as all coins go in the top 100 and you know it'd be a good way to signify this year overalls it's been incredibly choppy for in the crypto market for the most part but little bumps here and there pumps I should say but I appreciate you all guys enjoy the rest of your day and we'll see you in the next one

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