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Shiba Inu coin has been on an absolute Run for the last two months now as you guys can see here after bottoming out on June 10th at around 500 points per coin Shiba Inu coin has steadily risen since then now to the point where we're at today Shiba Inu coin is well above that 1 000 Point per coin Mark and the excitement the anticipation the build up of shibarium is right around the corner guys we've only got a couple of days left until shibarium is released and as you can see in the graph behind me Shiba Inu coin is rising exponentially leading into this release the slow and steady increase that we've been seeing over the last couple of months is really starting to kick up right now and if these lines on the screen these horizontal lines of resistance that we have if they are broken or should I say when they are broken Shiba Inu coin can kick up much much higher taking a look at this hourly graph now we can see that Shiba coin is performing beautifully even on a short term basis now yes we spiked off to around 1130 points per coin and Shiva Inu coin is pulling back as we speak but it's pulling back to the trend line guys this isn't a fall back down through a trend line this isn't Wales dumping off it's simply Traders following that Trend higher now if you guys remember on the graph that we just showed this is an exponentially greater curve than the one we just saw on that daily graph it's just flattened out a little bit because of the short-term time period has been extended now clearly there are several catalysts right around the corner that could make Shiba Inu coin go up one of the greatest of which though is the technical breakout above these levels of resistance if Shiba Inu coin continues upon this trend light trend line right here if Shiba Inu coin continues to move higher and it breaks 12.50 if it breaks 1500 Shiba Inu coin could be on its way for a massive explosion higher in price I continue to remain excited I continue to look forward to what the shiba inu coin Community is doing what they are building and I especially look forward to the price action continuing to move higher in Shiba Inu coin I want to know if you guys are looking forward to the same thing

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