SHIBA INU COIN – SHIBARIUM UPDATE (Great News ShibArmy!) (Video)

Shiba Inu coin holders we've got some great news today as Cal one of the Developers for the ship token ecosystem has a shibarium update for us and I did get a little bit of a sneak peek and we've got some good news so it states hello fellow shibarians as you are all aware due to the incredible popularity of shibarium we experienced a level of traffic that was unexpected even by our standards throughout the process of us scaling operations to support the massive influx of shibarium users we will post updates to let you know where we are in the process this is the first update so what we know thus far shibarium received millions of compute units of traffic within moments as posted yesterday in fact as we slowly and carefully investigate where the problem actually took place and found thousands upon thousands of contract creation and normal trend transactions in one block that is incredible at this point the amazing system of shibarium proudly a fork of polygon went into Fail-Safe mode and stopped to ensure funds are seifu and they are this is the most important point of this entire article the funds that are trapped in that one block are safe based on what Cal said sounds like they're going to be able to retrieve it everything will be fine and dandy it'll just take a little bit of time and Cal has already said they're going to be updating us which is great news we just want transparency we just want to know what is going on so the next steps knowing the issue we called in the support of some powerful friends who will name later to help alongside her shibarium devs and the unification team who have spent tireless hours working to scale our beloved blockchain we have identified multiple possible plans of action and will keep you updated as we execute to bring up the blockchain now there's been a lot of fun so let's get into it usually I would let fod roll off my back but the fake screenshot posted today caused incredible harm to our state and I'm actually surprised so many news outlets would consider a fake post aligned with bot activity to be the source of Truth I'm currently assessing the damage from such activity and will call upon X to help identify the culprit so they can be brought to Justice such attacks upon our system by Bad actors will not be tolerated moreover you should assume only information from official Outlets are true and even larger media Outlets quoting social media because they could be incorrect still not convinced We Stand by the statement that the funds paused in the bridge are seifu and as a result have chosen to ensure the entire amount of two million dollars in case there's an issue after shibarium is restarted so there you have it they've straight up said it and for some reason that they can't think of that they couldn't retrieve the funds they'll pay up they'll put up the two million dollars that's trapped in that block so this is a great resolution as long as it goes through we're going to get more updates update tomorrow awesome stuff you love to see it as far as price action goes the whole ever Grand situation has caused the entire crypto Market to dump I know price action is not looking good right now but um as we talked about in the live stream things can change quickly that isn't to say we couldn't go down further at the end of the day no one knows only time will tell I appreciate you all guys enjoy the rest of your day and we'll see you in the next video