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Shiba Inu coin holders we have an update about shibarium from Lucy shib on Twitter the marketing specialist so when it comes to Shiba Inu and shibarium there's been a lot of hype anticipation and recently there was an addition to it that being a bridge now this bridge is going to allow you to use shibarium but other chains as well on ethereum so let's say you're using shibarium you're having a good time on it whatever have you but then you notice a Dap that's maybe exclusive to something like arbitom well you'll be able to essentially cross chain and use arbitum and then you can come back or do whatever have you so it's pretty cool stuff you love to see it I do know that there's been other projects in the past who have done something similar bridges are incredibly popular for that reason so you can go from chain to chain to chain which is great if you're in D5 now when it comes to articles discussing shibarium there's been a lot of talk and discussion surrounding that oh yeah now bear in mind if you are going to use this cross chain um the bit on the beta the shibarium beta do not use real assets that is a big No-No it's a beta it's a test net you do not need to use real crypto don't get caught in that trap because you may lose your funds now back to the Articles there's been a couple of them discussing um the bridge shaparium the hype the anticipation of the youth conference The Narrative and uh the world paper honestly I'm I'm a little bit uh I've been thinking about it and the world paper is quite interesting right when it comes to the world paper this to me feels like the final sign off for shaitoshi when it comes to the world paper this is essentially a road map for how to conquer the world and with that I wouldn't be shocked if shitoshi left and it would uh leave it up to the other devs that are still with us and anyone else in the community who wants to build and grow on top of shibarium I guess this is kind of the final hurray if you will by releasing the world paper by releasing shibarium and shaitoshi did say he's going to be taking a step back now I'm sure he'll still kind of be behind the scenes but maybe not as active as he currently is in the social media platforms but only time will tell on that one what are your guys thoughts what are you most excited for other than that I appreciate you all and we'll see you in the next video

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