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Shiba Inu coin holders I've got some good news today as Nvidia earnings came out and long story short it was incredibly bullish so this is great stuff we're seeing the stock market start to take off and after hours and Bitcoin is up over two percent on the day with Shiba Inu up over five percent on the day so are we going to be seeing a big reversal as much as it's hard to believe sometimes it wouldn't have been the first time where we saw a v-shaped recovery after a major capitulation to the downside now I don't want to get too excited right as much as we are seeing some strong momentum to the upside it could be very short-lived to come tomorrow oftentimes when we see the stock market rally like it has after hours typically we start to give back some of those gains the next day and we could potentially see a little bit of a sell-off in the crypto Market ship included but what I've been thinking about is you know what could give us that extra kick Beyond already trending right now already seeing volume start to ramp up I think the ship devs you know if shibarium is ready or close to it please release it today or tomorrow morning something like that right while the oven's still hot I think that would be great news as far as like getting people interested in Shiba Inu and you know people just looking over at Bowen and Leash because you know Bone's been looking pretty good uh leash I haven't had her look at recently but chip is up about five percent and I think bone has actually recovered even better so this would be a great time with the bullishness that has you know moved across the market the fact that in video just continues to kill it sitting at over 500 right now over a trillion market cap guidance looks good you know these uh the s p 10 as people call it are really sustaining this rally and hopefully it's only going to continue you know maybe this correction we've seen in the stock market is just that a little correction before a further move up and setting new all-time highs and with regards to like shib in the crypto Market it's like okay the stock market is going to be setting all-time Highs are we really not going to see any good price action in the crypto Market it'd be pretty hard to believe right that would be so disappointing if that happened if we were to see the stock market set new highs where you know bitcoin's kind of just chilling at 26k and you know shib is sitting below that zero level right hopefully that's not going to happen hopefully we're going to see these Bulls uh transfer over to the crypto Market a little bit and uh hopefully things will pick up there let me know your thoughts in the comments down below is this a short sustained Rally or is this the beginning of a v-shaped recovery I appreciate you all guys enjoy the rest of your day and we'll see you in the next one

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