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good morning ship Army and happy Saturday now what a way to start the day with Shiba Inu would you be shocked to learn that ship's volume right now is the highest it's been since this run-up has started right around 650 million we are very quickly approaching the levels we've seen previous where ship has gone on massive run-ups anytime shebinu has surpassed a billion in volume that's when you know the fun is really happening and we're very quickly approaching that now last night Shiba Inu spiked we talked about it in a previous video in fact ship managed to get up around seven percent up before seeing a little bit of a correction now at the time of making this video shibi news still up about four percent on the day and I'm hopeful things are just getting started I'm hopeful you know we're going to be having a 10 plus day considering the fact that just earlier today we were up seven percent maybe we're going to get one of those wacky Saturdays where uh despite the fact that market makers big money whatever you want to call it typically takes the weekend off maybe there's some people who decided to not take the weekend off maybe retail you know are behind the dip I don't know it's difficult to say right um as far as ship goes though yeah I mean things are looking absolutely incredible on the charts as far as like news goes shaitoshi tweeted out soon people are speculating I mean that could mean literally anything right World paper youth comprehensive barium etc etc but overall there's a lot of positive vibes going on for shibinu right now and these are the days you gotta love right this past week has been absolutely incredible and hopefully the fun is just going to continue let me know your thoughts in the comments down below though is she beingu going to have a 10 plus day do you think it's going to kind of stay where it's at or do you think we're gonna go down because that's always a possibility I'm hopeful it's going to be a fun one though I appreciate you all guys and we'll see you in the next video

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