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Sheba EU new coin holders we need to talk about sharum because there is some funny business going on so shib and former set here reminder the official she stable coin and the treat rewards token have not been released yet as in any other blockchain people can create tokens they want with any name they want do your own research properly before investing on sharum or any other chain now this is incredibly important right and I'd even mention the fact that even if we see the official channels release something you have to be careful because as much as I mean that's kind of the only way we can really do our own due diligence right is to go through the official channels at the same time we've seen official channels been hacked in the past so you have to be incredibly careful I check multiple different areas see what people are saying and maybe you know go through a number of different accounts that you know are trustworthy before clicking on anything you just got to be really careful so Archangel did post something regarding projects that are launched on sharum when it comes to there being a number number of successful tokens operating so far you have to be incredibly careful right because if you launch any token with name to or reference to the shib Shibu ecosystem you know shib leash bone treat and shei you're going to get banned from all of the channels they don't want people promoting scams um or make it kind of sound like they're operating under the actual ship devs number two any token launched with offensive or inappropriate slurs or language will be automatically banned from all channels so you're not going to be getting any promotion from the ship team if you're operating scams right or trying to mislead investors to get into your projects so be careful out there now if you're ever wondering how do I find all these projects Chad what's the easiest way to do my own research well the two ways I do it is either through gecko terminal from coin gecko all you need to do is go to search Network up here in the top left let's click on that and just type in sharum this will bring up the network here you can click on it and then you can do your own research um you can quickly filter through all these different projects through top volume top gainers top losers me personally my favorite is top volume and then I kind of kind of work my way down from here right cuz I'm looking to see which projects have interest in them not only that you can also go to dek store tools you can put sharum up here in the top corner under the chains which will bring you to this and then you can sort of look through it the same way and customizing it using filters to see which projects are garnering some interest versus ones which are not now this doesn't guarantee that they're safe quote unquote you're still going to have to do your own research but it is a quick way to sort of filter through them let me know your thoughts in the comments down below though are you doing your research are you being incredibly careful I know I certainly am I appreciate you all guys enjoy the rest of your day and we'll see you in the next one

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