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I think Elon Musk is going to be attending the shibarium release there's going to be this huge conference when they're releasing shibarium when they're making it go live and the lead developer shaitoshi of Shiba Inu is saying that he's looking forward to Elon Musk speaking at the event if this were to happen this might cause some conflict with Dogecoin and Shiba Inu but they're pretty much related you know they're essentially the same dog as Shiba Inu is a doge a doge is a Shiba Inu so when Elon Musk does something good for Dogecoin and pump Sheba as well you notice that and also when he does something good for Sheba it pumps Dogecoin you guys better get ready don't sleep don't sleep on Shiba Inu the shibarium is about to be released which is a huge layer 2 protocol and this is going to change the game forever for Shiba Inu is going to make it faster better stronger it's gonna cause so much Shiba you need to be burned there's just so much in store for you if you hold Shiba Inu especially if Elon Musk is going to jump aboard the shiba inu train with all this hype with Twitter and Dogecoin things are getting exciting for the dog coins you guys better get ready I will soon make a updated video about this regarding Elon Musk and Shiba Inu of course Dogecoin so you guys must be subscribed with notifications on make sure you are also a part of my trading Community where we are making profits every single week guaranteed we bought Dogecoin at the bottom we got Shiba Inu when it was super early you guys don't want to miss out on the most profitable trading community in the world by joining the patreon right in the link below my video description you also need to try my new trading algorithm which will help you to find coins like this tells you exactly when to buy and sell them before they pump helps you to sell them before they crash it's that algo sniper use the code algo at checkout to get 90 off right now that's gonna be it for this video if you guys got something out of this video consider giving this video a thumbs up subscribing with notifications on and I will see you later later

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