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what's up good morning guys hope you're having a fantastic start to your Saturday have some major breaking news when it comes to shibinu okay so if you guys remember there has been this major thorn in our side throughout most of the year if you guys remember it All Began back in February what I'm talking about is Voyager and the liquidation of shibinu this all started on February 4th which was actually the yearly High it lasted all the way through March 10th we saw this huge huge pullback in price obviously at that same time the market was kind of pulling back but it made an impact nonetheless liquidating tens of millions of dollars worth of chibino if you guys remember back in June they opened this up for customers to withdraw their assets you know people could go through withdraw you know ship and other coins that they held and we thought this was going to be the end of it well it wasn't okay so what they're doing now is they have in fact began liquidating the last of their Holdings now what we saw actually was late last night they moved some assets over to coinbase to be liquidated they moved over 1500 eth and they actually moved over 250 billion ship worth 2.7 million dollars now this may not seem like that much it is and it isn't okay right now the great thing is that we are seeing this this big run in terms of she being a new price right we're obviously if we look at the daily here you can see this massive run-up that we saw in fact back here is probably when they liquidated you know they dropped us down as far as price goes but now the great thing is that we've we're holding in the price range that we're at now what you do need to know is that we still have a little bit to work through if you hopefully you guys can make this out here I'm trying to make a little bigger there we go they still have 1.146 trillion ship worth 12.42 million dollars so this is all that has yet to be liquidated so just know that this is going to be coming down the line is this going to make that big of an impact maybe maybe not it's all going to depend on when they do in fact decide to liquidate it they've been pretty good about not dropping it all at once which which has been good okay my only concern is that this is enough where it could essentially stifle will run for shibinu I don't think that's going to happen I think we're looking really strong from a market structure standpoint you know ship is kind of doing its own thing right now it's up obviously eight and a half percent on the day you know when we look at other assets across the board they're starting to trickle over to Green but not at the rate of shib up 15 on the week you know bones moving leash is moving really the chibi new ecosystem is just crushing it right now we talked about this possibly happening so I wanted to make sure I shared that with you guys just know that this is out there this is something we're going to have to contend with as we work our way up the charts but I appreciate you guys as always hopefully you guys enjoyed the video show your support below and I'll catch you guys in the next one take care

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