what's happening everybody and welcome Oscar here I'm on my brothers here in Moore South Carolina which is doing really good and I gotta tell you I'm looking at the price of Shiba I know right now five zeros nine we're this close of breaking that one zero to four zeros when I told you we know it it's growing so what to do right now relax enjoy this trip because there's a lot of people making it there's a lot of people excited if you go ahead and take a take a look at coin market cap on a 24 hour shift is number one because we know she burum is coming because we know bone is running because leash is getting new exchanges I think it's just a blessing to each and every one of us who've been waiting the burns and everything I'm about to go ahead and show you the fam too by the way I want to see I want to let you guys get closer with me and I mean it's just what it is the fan there and the cryptofam here who you're watching me Chrono ship and everybody let's get along with the smash the like button everybody consider subscribing because it's running without purpose and that's what we like to see the point of the story guys is why what's happening and what are the news because we saw guys that it's ready for the ship conference two weeks from now in Toronto right it's going to be ethereum conference but Shiva is one of the major sponsors and I think it's gonna be awesome for everybody in the world to see Elon Musk invited if he shows up and says something related to dodge code you know Shivan is gonna go up and that is exactly what we want I'm gonna get up a little bit because I gotta be walking I'm gonna just go really quick and there's a fam over there there you go that's Mom that's my awesome sister-in-law and you know they start my wife somewhere right there it's the beauty you know the woman we do it for them we do it for them I'm here in Moore South Carolina which is uh I was near Colombia and uh we have to drive like two hours to see my brother because South Carolina what a beautiful place I live in Texas daily here with um I live there down there with my wife and it's just a beautiful thing you do this because of exactly them because right now as the head of the house as the guy I'm trying to do the best I can with my investment so when the bull market comes up 2025 we do what we have to do sell at a profit take the risk right now and at the end just enjoy guys you tell me if you don't agree to that plan it's beautiful because it's gonna be worth it I just wanted to give you this quick update to what I'm doing to where to what's happening um we just finished eating some Wing stuff so it was really good and I think we're about to play some board games so I'm ready for some Monopoly or whatever it is uno the point of the story uh I'll keep you updated tomorrow just chilling and I think we're hiking tomorrow so I think it's gonna be awesome whatever it is we should best take it easy Kronos Army and Bitcoin anything I think adoption is running the whole deal is I think it's gonna make sense and I'll see you next time everybody love you all peace running let's delete a zero it's happening and the people are watching people are watching let's go