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Shiba Inu coin holders wow what a way to start this weekend ship is popping off leash is starting to take off and Bone just continues to trend on upwards the ship ecosystem together is rallying heading into the eth conference in the next week or so and I'm hoping things are just getting started now ship is up 10 on the day we are very quickly approaching eating this zero and I think we're either going to get it today or tomorrow now we take a look at volume up 133 percent just shy or quickly approaching half a billion in volume this is the type of volume we typically see when Shiba Inu goes on nice run-ups half a billion a billion plus things are exciting times now if we take a look at the charts first off we have Shiba Inu since its dip back in June we've are about 75 percent up you take a look at leash AKA Doge killer up 147 percent you take a look at bone up 162 percent now if you're wondering hey Chad what the heck's going on why isn't she beingu up with these guys well they have much smaller market caps and therefore they're much volatile more volatile trust me when we eventually see a correction these things will fall a lot faster than Shiba Inu will now when it comes to price action we take a look at ship and the big question is you know where are we headed next so if I turn on something like the weekly time frame for shibinu and we pull out our Fibonacci retracement tool to try and get a general idea as to where we're heading to me some key targets look right up here at around this 1060 level that is where the 0.5 level on our Fibonacci retracement tool is that's also where one of our key EMAs is I believe that's the 50 or that might be the 100 actually now we also have the golden pocket sitting all the way up at this 1200 level which historically has been a big area there has been plenty of periods where Shiba Inu has sat there and hopefully we're going to make it and break it now macro point of control you'll notice is sitting at the 1090 level here and we have these big volume clusters at the 1200 level as well but you'll notice once we get beyond the 1200 level volume starts to taper off a little bit so we could manage to break Above This level at the 1200s you know this could be a very strong move up there aren't too many sellers up here and things are looking great on the charts now as far as like what's going to happen I mean right now obviously it's up only right we are seeing the most volume we've seen since this run-up began we are seeing the greatest price increase in Shiba Inu since this run-up essentially began now taking a look at our oscillators we are very much starting to enter oversold territory on The Daily which makes sense same thing on the 12 hour what's the two hour looking like I mean just across the board guys everything is looking incredibly strong here and with the narrative that's going on we just set a new high there you go look at that we are still trending on upwards with no signs of slowing down now hopefully maybe we'll see a little bit of correction people are looking to snag some I don't know about you guys I'm just going to sit back relax and enjoy the show really excited to see this price action and hopefully it just continues throughout the next week let me know your thoughts in the comments down below other than that I appreciate you all and we'll see you in the next one

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