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breaking news on SpaceX big valuation number cnbc.com's Michael sheets wrote the story joins us now how's it look hey John good afternoon great to talk to you again yeah we have a new valuation for SpaceX Now official near 150 billion dollars as a purchase offer was sent out to insiders today which was at 81 a share this puts the company's valuation at roughly 150 billion dollars now since it's a private company we don't know what the share count is but spacex's valuation continues to climb maybe not as fast as it did in Prior years but you know that's the market we're in well I mean yeah this is private but if SpaceX essentially the Tesla of space because we've seen space stocks tank we were just talking about ViaSat and the bad day that it had Does Elon musk's SpaceX just stand alone it does stand alone in several respects and in the first example I'll point to you that is their Falcon Rockets they've launched now 47 launches since the beginning of 2023 currently putting up satellites at an average of every four days which is just an unbelievably blistering Pace if that's not enough they have this huge moat with their human space flight business and now their startling business just recently crossed over 1.5 million subscribers they're expecting to start making money on that business so you have all these different pieces of the puzzle that are all starting to really turn up the heat

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