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hey guys Nukem here and I just literally finished watching the first two episode of Ahsoka uh Disney gives me early access to see movies and I get to get you my full reaction now I want to say that uh this is not my review the review embargo has not lifted so I'm cautiously optimistic of what I've seen because I thought the first two episode of secret invasion was good and then it just fell off a cliff like it was like oh my gosh you guys messed up that show so bad so so far the first two episode of Ahsoka has been strong um it definitely leaves people like me who haven't seen the animation like the Clone Wars the rebels and any other like the future Disney Animation uh makes me a little bit lost between some of the characters that they show in this and some of the Dynamics of let's say strained relationship or good relationship and you don't really know what's going on so you're kind of like have to figure out the pieces and I don't know if they're gonna tell me like the whole history of the these characters together or I have to go back to the animation to figure out what's going on what I like is that not only they show the motivation of the protagonists uh the good guys and then the motivation of the bad guys we actually have some character development it feels like there's character development it feels like this is high quality budget show and most of it however some of it looks like a shot in sound stages and has some very cheesy dialogue so which kind of disrupt the flow of everything else that's been good some of the fighting choreography has been good and some of it's like uh okay but overall uh I like what I see I hope it continues to you know develop into something a lot better but it's not awful or anything that makes me want to show off the show so overall I think it's going a good direction I like everything I'm seeing so far so we'll hope hopefully the next several episode keeps up this pace and gets better build upon it uh with that being said but I think if you're a big fan of the animation of Star Wars then I think you're gonna really have more depth inside knowledge and you might have more appreciation to it now I don't know if they made these characters that you know from the the animation be portrayed correctly in live action that's what they're supposed to portray some of it's a little bit cartoony for me but that's the way they were in an emissions representative then I'm okay with that but sometimes they might have to adapt a little bit be better for a live-action audience like myself so that being said uh I will do like a reaction to episode every single episode where I just cut it out so you can see my general genuine reaction of how I've been reacting to this uh singing first time uh and then you know I ask a lot of questions like what's going on who's this what what's what's going on with them uh you guys can let me know in comments and give me some insight on it but you know don't spoil anything major but anyways those are my quick reactions so uh definitely have notification enabled if you guys want to see my reaction on the rest of the series alright guys I'll see you next time bye

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