Stock Market News Update: Rivian partners with Tesla! RIVN Stock and TSLA Stock news! (Video)

I've got some exciting news for you today about the stock market so get ready for the latest news stories let's start off by talking about rivn stock rivian the rising star in the electric vehicle industry has hopped on the Tesla bandwagon for EV charging and investors are buzzing with excitement in a recent move rivian has decided to switch to Tesla's charging standard making adapters available for their current EV models starting in 2025 rivien will even begin equipping their EVS with Tesla charging ports this is great news for both Tesla and rivian investors by joining forces with Tesla rivien follows in the footsteps of Industry giants like General Motors and Ford who have also partnered with Tesla for their charging Network it is predicted that other EV makers will follow this trend of teaming up with Tesla for charging not only does this collaboration save rivien from the Hefty expenses of building its own charging network but it also aligns with its vision of advancing toward carbon neutrality RJ scaringe the Visionary founder and CEO of rivien expressed his excitement about the partnership emphasizing their commitment to accelerating EV adoption as for the stock itself our ivn is already on the rise however it's important to note that since the beginning of the year the stock has seen a decline of 11.6 percent nevertheless this new development with Tesla is certainly injecting some positive energy into the mix and speaking of Tesla there's more exciting news Tesla's CEO the one and only Elon Musk is set to meet with India's prime minister Narendra Modi in the bustling streets of New York City this week we can't wait to see what comes out of that meeting but that's not all Google's Chrome on Apple's IOS is gearing up for a major update as it will soon have built-in Google lens support this means Chrome users will be able to search for anything they see using just their iPhone camera which will be extremely convenient for Shoppers in other headlines Alibaba has announced that Eddie Wu will be taking over as CEO succeeding the esteemed Daniel Jang so we shall see how this either positively or negatively impacts Baba stock in other news Lockheed Martin has raised some concerns regarding L-3 Harris's proposed acquisition of aerojet Rocketdyne bringing attention to the regulatory Arena government contractors are in Fierce competition so Lockheed wants to keep its advantages by stopping their competition's acquisition meanwhile the Federal Reserve chair named Jerome Powell is all set to visit Capitol Hill and share his perspective on the economy with Congress last week Powell held off on hiking interest rates for the first time in 15 months but he did hint that rate increases might resume later this year we'll be eagerly watching to see how this unfolds oh and let's not forget about Intel's impressive plans the tech giant is investing a whopping 33 billion dollars in Germany as part of its expansion in Europe marking the largest foreign investment in Germany's history now that's a serious commitment so investors should look into Intel and AMD especially if they liked the recent gains in Nvidia stock and last but certainly not least it's World Refugee day today and companies like Amazon Starbucks and other multinational corporations have pledged to hire thousands of refugees it's heartwarming to see these efforts to make a positive impact on such an important day we have heard some exciting updates about rivn stock Tesla's upcoming meeting Tech advancements CEO transitions regulatory concerns economic insights massive Investments and social initiatives so stay tuned for more thrilling stock market news updates by subscribing and I will see you in the next video