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now Q2 earnings season it is in full swing investors are going to be keeping their eyes on big Tech with results on tap from Microsoft alphabet reporting after the Bell today and while most companies are beating the streets expectations JPMorgan strategists notice that they are not seeing big stock upsides on these Q2 reports Yahoo finance is in s4a is here to weigh in and that's the data please yeah that's right Jared so it's an interesting note from JPMorgan analysts they're saying that overall robust activity in the second quarter that's going to lead to beats however what they're saying is don't be surprised if you're not seeing a big upside in stock prices like we perhaps saw in the first quarter in previous quarters basically what they're saying is that these positive results are not going to translate into stock prices going higher keep in mind that the market was up in the season keep in mind the run-up in the market in the first quarter in the second quarter and these analysts are saying that there has been a low hurdle for earnings and we have heard that before that the bar was set low when it comes to these earnings so this thesis especially stands according to these analysts if you take a look at the guidance so whatever guidance these companies are given will also determine whether you're going to see a stock price sort of more muted or if you are going to to see the stock price going higher so these analysts are saying expect to see a more muted reaction even though you are going to be looking at predominantly beats now these analysts looked at 70 S P 500 results in the U.S they also took a look at 90 in Europe it showed that the majority are beating the consensus projections and also even though the sample set is small the stock price reaction is what they're calling in quotes worse than typical Jared yeah and that's we got time for another one here just wondering any tickers stand out you've been following the earnings season as you said we we don't really have the results from most of the constituents just yet but anything standing out to you tickers or themes well what I thought was interesting was it just when the bank when the bank started reporting and you saw that you several Banks uh beat on the top and the bottom line on revenue and profit you had JP Morgan City Wells their stock prices though those were are muted when you took a look at the reaction of the stock price even if you take a look also at a big ticker like Tesla it has had a huge run up Tesla beat on earnings by 91 cents but the stock tanked and that was mostly because of margin concerns and issues going forward so certainly you are seeing it with some stocks look the market has really had a huge run up and part of the thesis here is that a lot of the positive activity is already baked in yeah a lot of it probably is thank you for that report Yahoo finances in this foray

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