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foreign let's take a look at a couple names trending after hours United Las Vegas Sands Netflix and Tesla we've got on our board here let's kick it off with United the only stock watch this Tesla's now in the green too but United posting the biggest gain that we're seeing here in extended trading among this group up nearly three percent solid report here from The Airliner they raised their full year outlook they cited strong Fair solid demand also this pent-up demand for international travel that's been a big boost to results here as of late United also saying that their planes they expect their planes to remain full following the very important summer travel season and just a profit for the quarter five dollars and three cents that was a big beat Revenue rising to 14.18 billion will get a gain for United of just about 18 over the last three months year to date it's up about 45 certainly the airliners among the outperformers as consumers continue to spend on experiences and this group benefiting let's take a look at Las Vegas Sands that's under a bit pressure here but the results for the quarter it actually wasn't that bad take a look at these numbers the company actually swinging to a profit beating expectations sales coming in at 2.54 billion the company also reinstating its dividend they had suspended their dividend at the start of covet but this is a stock that's already up about 24 year-to-date over the last year Little Canada gain of just about 67 so a lot of this optimism perhaps already priced in let's take a look at Netflix another mover here in extended trading when it comes to why we're looking at losses of about four percent it all comes down to guidance at third quarter sales forecast coming in just a bit short for the quarter though the numbers were pretty strong especially when it comes to net ads here are subscriber numbers because they're coming adding 5.89 million subscribers that was nearly triple the streets estimates here the company also making some comments here in regards to the strike saying that they expect the strike to lower cost by about one and a half billion this year because they're spending Less on content and rounding it out real quick with test so to stock up just about a half of a percent in extended trading a miss here on margins that's going to be a key in this earnings call but they did beat on the top and bottom lines over the last three months the Yankees about 61 percent off

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