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here are three things that you need to know to start this morning the S P 500 joins the stock 600 Dax and South Korea's cost rate in a bull market the rally has been notoriously narrow and driven by a handful of big tech stocks in recent weeks it's been helped by expectations of a break pause at the for its next meeting and the bond market is telling a different story here of course yields pushing higher After Shock rate decisions this week and threatening to derail the nasdaq's ongoing and ongoing AI frenzy JP Morgan says that there's a 20 downside risk for stocks if bonds are proof correct well second thing Donald Trump has been indicted for a second time now on federal charges relating to the handling of classified documents while out of office the indictments remain sealed and it's unclear what impact this could have on his Run for the GOP nomination though he's still Far and Away the front runner in a crowded pack the former president's poll numbers they jumped after his April indictment by Manhattan's district attorney Trump remains under criminal investigation by the Department of Justice and Georgia State prosecutor for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election and GM joins Ford in adopting Tesla's North American EV charging standard solidifying the dominance of Elon musk's technology in North America the move was announced by GM CEO Mary Barr and musk on a Twitter spaces event it will give GM's EV owners access to Tesla networks of 12 000 supercharges now Tesla GM and Ford they make up 70 of current U.S EV sales Wall Street they were happy with the news shares and automakers jumped on this news

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