Stocks Resume Crashing | Generational Buying Opportunity (Video)

well folks I hope you got your popcorn ready because the movie's getting to the good part now at this point in time Red Dead Redemption out there here today the stock crash did resume we have a lot of stocks to talk about in today's video holy smoke isn't saying no joke was a lot of stocks get into a lot of important things going on the market obviously my perspectives on all this uh opportunities in the market busy action-packed video I appreciate you all being here as always thank you for being subscribed thank you for smashing that thumbs up button and uh let's just get straight into this guy so clearly Red Dead Redemption pull up a heat map the S P 500 today and uh it's gonna tell you what was going on the market it was definitely a brutal day it was read across the board out there it's very few and far between you could find stocks green today now when I see a heat map like this though I automatically think geez it had to have been a horrible date for me on the market that's just naturally where my mind goes and I checked out the public account today I was down like eleven thousand dollars today I will freaking take that I can tell you that much like thank you okay thank you when I see Red Dead Redemption like that and down 11k I'm like okay uh you know I was expecting like a 50k type downward day here today 11k and I'm like yeah I'll take it man now the newsdeck has fallen around nine percent since we entered the month of August right so basically it's been a pretty vicious past oh let's just call it about two months now at this point in time in the market right no if you look at something like sqq right it's about 25 since the beginning of August now what was I preaching video in and video out video in and video about in the month of June in July and a few people you know might have heard that and a lot of people just chose not to listen hedging I mentioned hedging a thousand times hey it might be an interesting time to learn how to hedge hey it might be an interesting time to look into hedging strategies oh here's some interesting hedging strategies and I preach this video in a video out throughout June and throughout July and um you know a lot of people now are starting to realize oh man how many times I say a little hedging goes a long way if you've been watching my videos for a long time you know how many times I mentioned that a little hedging done properly goes a long way right and I think some folks are starting to realize oh man I am not hedged at all if this Market gets any rougher right and keep in mind like you know eight nine percent move down the NASDAQ in a couple months it's definitely a hit right but it's not something crazy when we talk about big NASDAQ drops we're talking 20 30 percent and above type drops right that's what we're talking about so yeah this is something going on now big Tech here today got smacked very interesting things you got to ask yourself why did certain stocks move so huge Amazon's the obvious one right the whole FTC thing I'm gonna probably give detailed uh you know the thought process on on that whole situation eventually here okay but you're going to ask yourself why was Shopify down nearly just as much as Amazon here today why was Oracle down huge Apple and Google I'll tell you exactly why the reason Shopify went down huge today it doesn't make any sense was basically in sympathy because of the Amazon move right but I can tell you Amazon needs Shopify more than any other time in history now at this point in time the ftc's after them and basically Amazon's going to need to show that they have real competition in the marketplace and that competition and Innovation is not dead in these those other companies that are giving them a run for their money well guess what there are many companies in the world that can give Amazon money run for their money on the e-commerce side one of the only companies you can even think of that's even a remote kind of competitive threat to Shopify right or to Amazon is Shopify and so if you're thinking about like who needs to kind of like continue to build their business and become a lot bigger of a competitive threat it's a Canadian company like Shopify because I will show there's Innovation going on the marketplace that will show there's a lot of competition in the place from other players okay so that was actually a bad move the whole FTC thing is the best thing that could ever happen for a company like Shopify my personal opinion okay Oracle we're talking about Oracle a little later on in this video but man that stock got hammered again today down over three percentage points on Oracle Apple had a big move down here today that smells of two things right one is does anybody really believe all this hype we're hearing about iPhone 15 sales are super strong I don't know man based upon what I'm seeing in the stock price it seems like investors aren't buying the whole oh iPhone 15 sound like crazy it also the other thing is you see the FTC make the move on Amazon that they made here I can tell you there's no bigger company that you can make an argument that is maybe anti-competition than Apple just to be quite honest if you're very educated in all the big tech companies you'll realize that Apple really controls everything and because of their dominant position in smartphones the the cell phones that are in every every American's pocket right because that dominant position they hold all the power and whatever they say goes so if you think Amazon has any sort of anti-competition monopolistic type of presence in the marketplace I can just tell you it pales in comparison to good old Apple so in my opinion that's a big reason why that stock was down here today that Apple was actually the worst stock in the entire Dow 30 here today the worst stock isn't that interesting right and you say what is Google I mean Google the one of the worst big tech stocks here today the reason being is Google's going through their own government fights now at this point in time and that these are going to be overhangs on these stocks for quite some time I don't think the Amazon overhang's as big as a Google overhang will be but both these are going to have overhangs for quite some time in regards to it's you know as a meta shareholder for years we went through this with Meta Meta had an overt government overhang for years that we had to deal with okay look at PayPal holy smokes PayPal was actually green today you got me flipping my flapjacks what in the world is going on okay Etsy I noticed this stock was down today this is another one of those stocks that I think if anything this is great news for them in regards to Amazon news etsy's you know let's be honest etsy's no competitive threat to Amazon but the fact is they are an e-commerce player they're pretty famous e-commerce player in the United States of America and they need to um kind of be shown as like there's some sort of competitive threat to Amazon okay now we got problems we got big big problems and some of these Super Famous companies that are seen as some of the most stable safe business models out there these stocks are dropping like rocks just day after day after day bath in Body Works down over four percent here today I mean this Stock's just getting Hammer it's now down over 31 year to date what is that telling you I'll tell you exactly what that's telling you it's telling you that consumer recessions coming in 2024. bottom line bottom line that's what that's telling you here today there's no doubt about it it's either the Market's wrong or the stock or I don't know man it's either the Market's wrong or or it's not I don't know I'm just going to say probably the Market's right in consumer recession maybe maybe in the first half at some point of of 2024. that's what it's looking like right look at Estee Lauder Estee Lauder down over four percent here today 47 down year to date the Stock's been cut in half this year you gotta be flipping my flight checks is ridiculous Estee Lauder is one of the best companies in the world and the fact that this stock can't find a bottom anywhere I mean you know these that's the thing with these stocks you look at Bath and Body Works you look at Estee Lauder I mean these stocks aren't even showing a sign of a bottom that's the scariest part in all this is they're just they're dropping like growth stocks were dropping last year go back and and pay attention to what happened to Nvidia last year look at what happened to AMD last year look what happened to meta last year look what happened to Tesla last year look what happened to Shopify last year look what happened to Netflix last year those are those stocks never showed a sign of bottoming anytime they were just dropped and dropped and dropped until finally they bottom down around mid to late October and some into early November and then things started to come back to life and the same exact phenomenons going on with all these famous consumer related companies that you look at and usually these are most stable stocks and business models you could ever be in and yet they're being traded like they're penny stocks man penny stocks what is going on I mean that's what I mean what is this a planet Estee Lauder being treated like it's a planet out here it's incredible but that's the market we're working through right now folks okay check this out Estee Lauder is now close to a five-year low folks close to a five year low on this stock matter of fact in the past five years the stock has now found four percent it lost all its gains in the past five years that's how vicious the stock has been it's incredible man absolutely incredible but guess what this is the same exact phenomenon we saw with grow stocks many of those growth stocks you could look at them on a five-year basis and basically in September October last year they had all lost their five-year gains they're all trading out where they were years ago years previous five years ago seven years ago things like that like that's how bad things really got right look at RH RH is showing no signs of a bottom either that stock was down another three percent here today down about 25 just in the past month it's not about 30 or so just before earnings I want to see this with something with a hundred dollar something in front of it once this hits 100 or something you'll likely see me buy this stock in the public account I'm not in a rush of irh I can tell you that not after the bad this the horrible decision they made to basically buy back their shares with over a billion dollars if they would have not made that move I might be buying RH right now but with how bad of a decision that was to weaken the balance sheet like that no I'm in no rush to buy RH go down to 100 something dollars and and then we can talk okay Target just hit a new low I mean another one of these Super Famous consumer companies and it doesn't matter what the dividend yield is it's almost four percent on target doesn't matter the p e ratio the forward p ratio doesn't matter how stable the business model is it's just down right now showing no signs of a bottom and targeting down another two and a half percent to a new low here today right no at first I didn't know why Target was down it was just you know Target's down every day so like sometimes these stocks I'm like they'll just go down every day like who cares like what's a big deal and then it was working and all sudden I you know had CNBC on the background and then also they they do do you know breaking news in regards to Target and I said what's going on here okay here's what's going on look at this Target's closing nine stores in four states due to organized retail crime oh guess what states they are could yes oh yeah yeah the states and the cities in which these stores are closing I'm sure a lot of people aren't surprised just to be honest some stores closing the Seattle area stores closing in Portland stores closing in San Francisco and Oakland area Los Angeles Houston New York City I don't think that comes as a surprise at all I bet you if anybody's educated and I asked them where do you think Target's gonna close some stores I bet you they would have said these cities in these states it's just bottom line okay in regards to that so it's a huge it's problem that's going on you know nine stores closing it's not like it's some huge material move for Target's business model this isn't something that's gonna oh my gosh the revenue's gonna fall off a cliff now they close these nine stores but you know what's the craziest part of this is folks hey well I'll get to the craziest part in just a moment but here's what Target says in their statement quote we cannot continue operating these doors because theft and organizing retail crime are threatening the safety of our team and guests in contributing to unsustainable business performance here's a deal folks okay the theft must be so bad at these stores that Target is like we're losing money running these stores we're going to have to close them because they can tell you if these stores were still bringing in even a couple million dollars of profit which wouldn't be that much for profit for a Target store because Target stores are usually massive even if they're bringing a couple million dollars out yeah I bet your target would keep them open these stores the theft must be so insane that they're like we're losing money operating these stores it's actually a financial drag to our business which is crazy because I can guarantee those stores still got a ton of paying customers it's not like every single person that walks in is stealing something but that just goes to show you the moment in time we're in right so this is an interesting situation very very interesting situation and uh let's hope that's the worst of it and let's hope it gets better from here but man it's it's not the type of stuff you want to hear because not the type of stuff you want to hear that's I'll put it like that right speaking about not the type of stuff you want to hear Oracle stock just continues to plummet no I'm pretty much done my research or like 98 on my research on Oracle I will say this if this baby keeps dropping there's a high probability I'll be a buyer of this stock in October through December which I can tell you there's not a lot of big tech stocks I really like right now either because they're already an Overexposed position for me meaning that it's too large of a position or there's a situation where you know there's just not a good deal but this is one of the very few that I can find that actually is an interesting stock the balance sheets trash at Oracle that's the one downside but I'm willing to take that risk on a smaller position size likely especially if this baby goes under 100 if it goes under 100 it's almost guaranteed that I start to buy Oracle if the stock went up a bunch from here I'll leave it alone but the risk reward to me says if this baby goes under 100 and it can stay under 100 for those months I'll likely build a decent sized position this is going to be no matter this could be no Tesla I can tell you that much just you know maybe like a 50k type position now look at these Super Famous companies they fall and they fall and they fall right we're all pulled down again Dave the Walgreens down again milky down again right Dutch Bros not a super famous company this is just kind of on there right uh more of a newer public company but they were down again today cheesecake is trying to just hold on to anything win was trying to hold on to anything and you're just gonna ask yourself like what is going on man like these are these are some of the you know most well-run companies traditionally over the past decades Whirlpool Walgreens Nike Cheesecake Factory win like come on and yet these stocks just you know they can't find a bottom anywhere in sight right no the Walgreens might be the craziest one this one the dividend yields so high you can't even count it now at this point in time holy smokes this is ridiculous stock was down again today 42 year today for a Walgreens right this Amazon situation is great for them the biggest worry with Walgreens longer term in my opinion is Amazon getting more into the uh Pharmacy game and being able to send products to your home in a secure Manner and deliver them straight to your home at a price that's cheaper and undercuts Walgreens and so the you know the fact that that the ftc's after Amazon right now it's going to be Amazon's gonna have to show some sort of weakness in e-commerce over this next few years and they're not going to be able to be nearly as aggressive as they'd want to be with the government after them like this that's just the bottom line so basically the government is slowing down Amazon that's the best way you could put it when it comes to kind of e-commerce side now at this point in time right Bros so Bros like I mentioned continues to fall I mean this one's I think this one hit a new all-time low today if it didn't hit an all-time low today it's very freaking close but I believe it hit an all-time low today with Bros I want it cheaper I do want Bros I do want Bros okay that sounds bad that doesn't sound good at all okay I want Dutch Bros stock okay I want Dutch bro stock but here's the deal I don't want it yet based upon this year's numbers it's trading at about 138 forward PE you know based on this year's numbers based upon 2024 numbers trading at about an 82 uh forward p and based upon 2025 numbers we're talking about it's about a 60. so here's a here's the deal I'm usually going to Value like a year out so if 2024 we were trading at let's call it the 40 to 50 range right now which would put the stock around you know let's call it yeah anywhere from twelve dollars to like 15 a share I'm gonna buy your Dutch Bros at that price you got me I'll start building a position but for right now you know 80 plus times 2024's expected numbers ah not quite there so if this baby goes under 20 then you know I'd say the odds of me starting to buy it goes up if it goes under 15 I would say there's a high probability I'm going to build out a nice size Dutch possession because I do really like Dutch Bros I do like the business model I do like the company for the next many years but you know the valuation matters and I've been just kind of patiently waiting on this one there's a few stocks I have to patiently wait on sometimes if they run away from me it's fine there's so many opportunities in the stock market especially right now I'm not scared like if Dutch Bros runs away from me it is what it is like there's so many freaking buying opportunities right now it's not you know the time you have to worry about a stock running away from you is time periods when it seems like all the stocks are hitting all-time highs and it's just like where do I put my money and you kind of get in that fomo cycle of like oh you know all these stocks that run away from me we're not in that time folks we're not in that time we get the some of the greatest companies in the world that are not tech stocks trading at five year 10-year 15-year 20-year lows right now it's a Once in a generation type buying opportunity for this next many months uh for many of those companies right uh so right now I can choose I can I can be picky right now because there's so many freaking opportunities it's ridiculous check this out Biden's out there with the UAW workers right no you know I've been on YouTube since 2016. and I've probably been asked since 2016 about the the GM for the automakers right oh they trade so cheap why aren't you buying those I had those questions for 100 years right why not hedge your Tesla by a little bit by buying some GM or some toy or some you know Ford my answer to that is these companies have so many issues that are so massive why would I here's the deal Ford and GM already you're gonna have to fight for their lives because they have two of the biggest transitions going on that we've ever seen in automobile industry both happening simultaneously over this next several years when is they got to transition their businesses all to electric vehicles from internal combustion engines that's like the biggest change that's happened on auto since the Henry Ford days okay crazy on top of that over this next several years they're going to have to basically transition their business models all from humans driving the vehicles to the cars driving themselves over this next five to ten years those are the two the like craziest transitions you have to deal with and these these companies have to deal with them at the same exact time now meanwhile we got interest rates that have spiked up massively right which makes it way harder to buy anything on a loan oh boy on top of that you've got they're talking about trying to do 40 pay increases to the workforce come on man how are you even going to survive if they're talking about 40 pay raises and you're talking about this is not going to be a good consumer environment for buying autos for a bit of time here because even if even if let's say interest rates crash down right well that means you're likely in a recession which isn't good for Autos we look back at the how many Autos were sold prior to the great financial crisis first stir in the great financial crisis 90-day difference if you have Bank Titan that hurts your business even more then you've got two of the biggest transitions we've seen in the history of autos electrification and the cars need to start driving themselves oh come on man it's too much it's too much you know the big question for these guys is can they survive the next five to ten years that's the biggest question can they survive not can they Thrive can they survive the next five ten years and then you've got freaking Elon Musk and Tesla with his foot on their throat right now who's just showing no signs of relenting and doesn't care about margins right now and says I don't care like we're about growth we're about volume we're about numbers and if we got a drop price 25 times during the course of a year we'll drop price 26 times that's tough that's tough man and so the bottom line is the automakers have been a value trap for 10 plus years and they remain a value trap unfortunately for those stocks you want to talk about some good big comments that will scare some people Neil Kashkari boy did he scare some people today Finn's Neil Kashkari sees a 40 chance of quote meaningfully higher interest rates when you say meaningfully higher folks that's not a little bit that's a lot okay Minneapolis fed president Neil Kashkari who's probably one of the most famous names in the FED outside of Jerome Powell thinks there's nearly a 50 50 chance that interest rates will need to move significantly higher to bring down inflation that's frightening folks that is absolutely frightening because you know what that means that means he could be seeing a scenario a 50 50 scenario we can call it our 40-60 scenario we're talking about fed funds rate of eight percent if not higher than eight percent because once again if you're talking about meaningfully higher that's not a quarter point that's not a half Point you're talking about several percentage points if you're talking about meaningfully higher significantly higher that's scary because do you know what that does to Auto rates do you know what that does the banking system do you know what that does to every you know type of debt out there is uh come on man that's a whole different ball game you're playing with there dealing with five percent fed funds rate or five and a half percent that's one thing dealing with seven or eight percent that's when you just start to break a lot of stuff and I mean a lot a lot of stuff okay here's the deal and mortgage rates are continue to climb astronomically High new home sales tumbled in August Rising mortgage rates are just one reason still some newly built homes slumped more than expected in August this just came out today it's latest sign of pressure on this bright spot in the housing market as mortgage rates rise oh wait just wait to see the winner numbers folks it's gonna be ugly times ugly out there this winter time for sales numbers I mean when you're talking about mortgage rates the places they are right now this is not good man this is not good this is a complete disaster now look at this look at this headline Now The Insider you may hate you may hate High interest rates in home prices but many baby boomers have reasons to celebrate right and uh this thing about it Baby Boomers usually own their own homes they got that uh 550 mortgage payment for another two more years or on year 29 and year 30 of their mortgage and uh their house is now worth 650 000 they got a half million dollars in a bank that's now earning them five percent they're feeling pretty dang good right the Millennials get screwed again in this situation because the Millennials are the ones trying to buy homes right now and uh you know Millennials got screwed obviously starting their careers either right before the great financial crisis during the great financial crisis are like right after the great financial crisis so had to enter in very poor jobs and um baby boomers are sitting pretty in regards this whole situation Baby Boomers have had it pretty good because they got to avoid you know WW2 because that was really their parents generation how to deal with that right they got to avoid the 70s inflation really that was really their parents had to deal with that because many of the Baby Boomers were either little kids like Elementary School type age or they were like teenagers in the 70s so they got to enter the workforce in the 80s and the 80s and 90s were boom times in the 2 thousands were boom times up until the great financial crisis of obviously 2007 2008. so uh yeah man uh that's a situation so shout out to the Baby Boomers I oh 25 of you guys watching this video right now these guys are looking good man you guys are looking good that's all I gotta say about that millennials hey man you were built for you were built for tough times okay you were built for tough times no Millennials okay holy smokers okay this ain't no joke because by the way gen Z's got it the best gen Z's got it the best because think about this gen Z you can get a freaking job at like Chick-fil-A making like 17 an hour and nowadays everybody's so soft they let you smoke a fat fatty before you go in there because you know I don't want to I don't want to offend them or something speak about you know the fatties look at this of news Avon Brands stink causing mental health issues with residents the smell coming from Avon Brands Jack Jackson production facility basically supposed to get very upset residents in the Vernon neighborhood can have to wear a mask because of the obnoxious smell coming from Avant Brands Jack Jackson production facility in the community council on this week oh my gosh okay what a situation I never heard of this before right they're more this person says they're more worried talking about Avon Brands they're more worried about shareholders than their fellow neighbors what what oh my gosh the 60 000 square foot uh facility for the product I should have x that out there uh basically they've been producing and it's been licensed since 2021 residents in the area have been fighting for years for the company to do something about the odor uh Johnson who's the person in the neighborhood says the company has given a was given a warning by the city of Vernon last year and it got better for a while however the smell is back in stronger than ever it could be very annoying when you have to put up with the smell of skunk a day in and day out oh man I think this line right here is just cracks me up however the smell is back and it's stronger than ever you ever want to like turn on somebody that likes to enjoy that product tell them that line right there they're gonna say the gas is strong and strong like Donkey Kong okay they're just gonna turn them on it's like saying it's just somebody that loves to eat ribs oh man such a Smoky Barbecue smell is so annoying in person that loves ribs is like I want some of these ribs oh man ah something else but anyways that's a story going on and in regards to Yvonne it doesn't matter how strong the smell is the stock never goes up it never goes down either I mean the year to date is a three percent move for this one so hey maybe they're producing some good product and let's make some uh profits Norton okay maybe some profits that would be nice fintech continues to get hammered Square finally had a good day yesterday finally was green and then right back to Red down to 44 dollars a share for square it's just brutal Hood down under 10 bucks again Sofi these people are wondering is so far going back to five or six dollars I thought we were done with that you know that's what they're saying I'll say this okay about these fintech stocks because you asked me when do these stocks bottom when do these stocks finally bottom out I'll tell you exactly when these stocks bottom out these stocks will bottom in the fourth quarter these stocks will bottom in the fourth quarter in my opinion they will start to strengthen as 2024 goes along and that's regardless of recession no recession it really doesn't matter these stocks have or already in their stage where they're pricing in kind of worst case scenarios and pricing and everything bad and so now I'm not heavily invested into any of these fintechs really outside of obviously PayPal but I believe all these stocks are in a bottoming out phase they'll all bottom over the next several months and then 2024 will be a good year for them and Beyond because regardless of situation like these have priced in worst case scenarios so that's my opinion on the fintech sector in general we'll see how things play out right uh obviously based upon the you know things I'm hedged against it was a good day for me a Polaris Apple told cheap Portland all down here today s Dow was up big here today right so definitely kind of liking how I'm hedged in the market I still have another hedge to do in October at some point for 2024 but definitely like how I'm positioned as far as my hedges go look at this Starbucks usually seen as one of the most Quality Companies out there this one look at the five day on this baby I mean it's just brutal just down and down and down down four percent Plus in the past five days it just can't catch a break which just goes to show you people want no parts no parts of anything consumer related folks if this is a business selling to Consumers people don't want it you can't talk to them about buying it they want no piece of it and it's what we're going on right now and uh it's not gonna go on forever but it's certainly going on right now right Costco numbers just came out after the Bell now these Costco numbers definitely show some weakness folks okay comp sales we're only a point two percent in the United States if you adjust make adjustments then it was up 3.1 percent right which is kind of adjusting it to the way you want it to just so you're going to take out gasoline prices for and exchange stuff like that right so up 3.1 percent of the US uh what like folks the number is still like not good like for instance in this same quarter last year Costco's comp store sales were 15 plus 15 plus so we definitely are already seeing cracks in the consumer in quite a substantial way when you look at these Costco numbers e-commerce was down for the company down for the company okay so these are definitely and and remember like this was supposed to be the time where people were going to say like oh e-commerce is going to start getting healthier and healthier because you know the 2021 you had all those crazy comps that 2022 had to deal with we don't have those crazy comps now 2022 was already the slowdown in the fourth quarter and the fact that these numbers are still negative is definitely a little worrisome no for Costco overall the company is a freaking Beast okay total revenue for the company came in a 70 almost 79 billion versus 72 billion in the same quarter last year operating income came in at almost 2.8 billion versus about 2.5 billion the same quarter last year mid income attributable to Costco shareholders was about 2.1 billion versus 1.8 billion same quarter last year and then EPS came in at 4.87 versus 421 in the same quarter last year so overall Costco number is very good the balance sheet in general action cash equivalents is up to 13.7 billion dollars short-term Investments up to 1.5 billion dollars that's impressive I mean just impressive total equities up to 25 billion dollars from 20 billion dollars in the same quarter last year so Costco remains a beast Stock's not getting hit very hard after hours one and a half percent uh you know you could say why don't you own Costco here's why the problem with Costco is it just trades Rich folks you know we're talking about 38 times this year's numbers we're talking about you know 35 times next year's numbers we're talking about you know 32 times the following Year's numbers like for Costco I don't feel like there's a huge level of growth for Costco ahead that does not mean Costco's best days are behind them or they have no growth I just don't view it as like you know oh Costco they need so many more stores I don't really view it like that folks I think they have more room for more stores in the United States I think they have more room for more stores certainly outside the United States but in terms of their huge growth days I don't really view it as that and so if this is a if this is a 400 stock or 300 stock I'm probably buying the dip but you know 552 I'm I'm not quite there with these sorts of valuations on this sort of company okay no what am I actually doing so I'm buying dividend stocks like it's my freaking job right now I was out there buying again today uh you know I think this is like a once in a generation opportunity we have over this next many months for these sorts of dividend companies these consumer famous companies I mean you look out there folks it's fine it's it's these stocks are at five year low seven year lows ten year lows 15 year lows 20-year lows 25 year lows it's not going to stay like that forever I can tell you that and so maybe we stay like this for a few more months but this is not the way it's going to be long term and you know anytime you're expecting these deals to stay around forever people get real picky and they they made that mistake last year right people are looking at me buying metastalk for 88 dollars a share and be like you're crazy at 120 you're crazy like what no you're crazy for not buying it at that price you know I was buying Tesla at the beginning this year for 100 something dollars like 100 what was that one dollars 103 something like that you know I'm crazy I think you're crazy palantir last year was five six seven dollars how are you not buying palantir like what are we talking about here and you just go through the stock Shopify was at 25 bucks last year uh Netflix fell to what was it a oh gosh Netflix I think it fell to 100 something dollars if I recall last year how are you not buying Netflix so The Crazy Ones to me are the ones that see stocks at 5 10 15 20 year lows and choose not to buy those stocks and it's a lot of them it's not like it's one or two companies there's one or two companies say I might pass or pass a pass on these companies but when it's a lot when it's like dozens and dozens and dozens of these great companies and you choose to pass it's a poor decision it's a poor financial decision and you'll see it you'll see it you might have to wait 12 months 18 months 24 months 36 months to really realize how bad of a decision it was to not be buying during that time period but people will see they will see over time that man that was a poor decision and I hope these deals remain for the next three to nine months I would love these dividend stocks these consumer related stocks to continue to just get hammered or at least stay in these ranges where it's at for at least the next several months so I can just continue to kind of build out these positions folks but you've got to work with urgency in this market you've got to work with urgency don't expect these stocks to stay down here for all of eternity okay hope they go down more over the next few months but don't don't make your investment decision based upon oh they're going to go down more okay don't don't you know expect wind to go down to 50 bucks can it sure that'd be great I would love that but don't plan on that happening folks if anything plan on win being 150 bucks okay that's kind of the way I think about these sorts of things okay I got two workshops for you guys make sure you take advantage of those one they're both pin comment down there one's investing foundations this is if you're in your first three years of investing day one is why you invest in individual stocks what to look for when researching a company day three is portfolio management and managing cash day four is growth value and dividend stock in assessing those day five is how I know when to buy and sell stocks that's pin comment down there in the other pin comment will be how I find 10x stocks that's about a 30 minute video that goes into like this free Workshop that goes into how I find these sorts of opportunities in the market so appreciate everybody joining me as always thanks so much folks make sure you take advantage of those free workshops that are pin common down there much love and have a great day