Stocks trending July 24, 2023: Mattel, (Video)

we're about 30 minutes into trading I've got 32 here on the session and let's take a look at how stocks are moving this morning first stocks nudging higher as 150 companies on the S P 500 they are on Deck to report quarterly results this week investors also focusing in on the FED with most economists expecting a 25 basis point rate hike for the July meeting meanwhile Mattel shares riding higher after Barbie wins the box office battle on its opening weekend facing off against Christopher Nolan's oppen hybrid was never really a contest here Barbie Buzz working its magic it was always going to be the winner bringing in 150 million dollars over the three-day haul yes we are all hot pink this morning and Tesla shares skidding into the red not hot pink after UBS downgrades the stock to underweight from neutral The Firm citing the Stock's recent rally leaving limited upside risk to near-term earnings here UBS noting that it continues to see Tesla globally leading the rates to Affordable Electric and autonomous Mobility and Apple shares are in the green not by much though coming off of uh some recent games after the open report to keep iPhone shipment steady at around 85 million units this year that's according to Bloomberg that number would fall roughly in line with last year's level