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well July was a busy month for Marcus the S P 500 closing out its fifth straight month of gains its longest run since 2021 Jared blickery is here with a closer look at that the S P 500 the NASDAQ more yes and I'll tell you what meta is up at nine months straight we're going to get to some of the individual names in a second let's take a look at the S P 500 first because as you said Diane one two three four five months up up and away and accelerating to the upside here a similar story but not exactly the same for the NASDAQ Composite and also want to demonstrate what's been happening with the Russell the Russell was dead money only two months ago and it has soared back into the green reaching if not eclipse in the levels we saw back in early February but I want to get to the sector action and you can see here this is a year-to-date map of all the sectors in the S P 500 all 11 and clearly the outperformer is Tech that's that's xlk of 43 percent this year uh then we have communication services and then consumer discretionary so the mega caps really enjoy charge and I've been showing this over the last two months things have changed things have broadened out xly that's where Amazon is but a host of other real excuse me retail names Cole is in their Nordstrom each of those are up 50 so brick and mortar joining the party here materials that is a big play on the US dollar which has been going down over the last two months that is up 14 right there with discretionary then you got energy Industrials financials and communication services so a really broad swath of outperformers here when we talk about the market action the other noticeable thing here everything is green so everything picked up over the last two months kind of equalizing thing I did mention uh meta up nine months in a row Apple this is seven uh so you take a look at what some of these individual names have done Apple's been up every single month this year now this is over the last two months so we're not saying the huge outperformance so let me just put this back to a year to date in the mega caps that we see there in video up 200 percent Microsoft up 40 alphabet 50 but still some nice gains so it just goes to show you that even when others join the rally some of the stalwarts also participating in this action here guys

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