Su0026P 500 declines, Tesla slips, oil jumps, and Taylor Swift goes to AMC (Video)

let's take a look at how things are shaping up right now stocks are lower today as markets stay on course for a losing month recession worries remain a concern for investors and JPMorgan CEO Jamie dimon warning the U.S economy may not be prepared for the Fallout should the FED raise rates to seven percent we're also watching shares of Tesla today the EV maker will reportedly face scrutiny amid an EU investigation into foreign automakers that export from China on claims of unfair subsidies this is according to a report from the financial times and we are watching oil prices today after the dollar hit an eight-month High raising concerns on demand despite the pullback oil is still on track for its largest quarterly game since March of 2022. after announcing Taylor Swift's error era insert film is going global now swifties in over a hundred countries worldwide are going to be able to enjoy the film as soon as October 13th and tickets for most International locations will go on sale today