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hey everyone Alex UNESCO here welcome to Investors Guide to the Galaxy today I'm going to share my opinion on the Tailwinds or catalysts that will move Tesla stock price although before we start if you find this video helpful it would mean a lot to me if you crushed the like button and subscribe to my channel it's totally free and takes just a split second if you want to show more appreciation consider subscribing to my patreon now let's dive right into it Tesla stock price today it's killing it up 3.6 percent here to date up 115 percent past year down four percent past five years up one thousand percent almost Tailwinds or catalysts for Tesla stock Tesla gigafactory in Mexico already announced Tesla considering building 4.5 billion Euro Car Factory in Spain to be determined if it's real news or not potential Factory in India Tesla wanted to invest in India for a long time now but government was not keen to work with Tesla but from what I heard they again are entertaining this idea and are in talks with the government Twitter has a new CEO Linda Carino Elon Musk has stepped down Tesla will try advertising at investors day meet Kevin asked Elon Musk if they will do advertising and Elon answered that they will try and see how it goes model y best-selling worldwide in q1 2023 Tesla and Ford partnership Ford made a deal with Tesla to use their supercharger Network so any 4dv will be able to charge a Tesla superchargers beginning next year Tesla Model 3 and model y receiving full EV tax credit in USA Tesla Model 3 Highland version will spice up the sales of model 3. this is very good for Tesla GM and Ford admitting Tesla is leading in EVs and they cannot compete with price until 2026 or later Ford CEO said software is hard Elon Musk is willing to license the software to GM and Ford and maybe other car makers Tesla is expanding very rapidly the supercharger Network now at the speed of two new superchargers every day cyber truck launched at the end of the year energy storage business ramping up and being profitable fed skips red hike in June Tesla releasing FSD worldwide and the last one but very important Tesla showing the new model to the 25 000 model this will be huge think of it like this today in USA in some states you can get model 3 at 26 000 including a v tax credit if Tesla releases model 2 then you can get a Tesla car the safest car in the world with only 17 18 000 that's huge man the total addressable market for this price point is huge I'd like to know your opinion on all of this please leave a comment below if you like this video please smash the like button so that other people like you see this video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel thank you very much I appreciate all of you that watch my videos see you next time

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