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well Apple has seen a brutal August so far as growth fears scare off investors but is a further correction still to come for the tech giant Yahoo finances Dan Howley joins us now with the details hey Dan that's right Rochelle investors are looking at Apple and the results from the previous quarter uh the drop continued drop in overall Revenue as well as the poor performance of the iPhone position that's basically you know the breadwinner for Apple it's always going to be at least as far as we've seen Services did have a good quarter but moving forward now the question is Apple has admitted that there's a Slowdown in the smartphone market everybody knew that already but now they're officially coming out and saying it what does that mean then for this quarter as well as the next quarter when we get the presumed iPhone 15 is it going to be enough to start getting people interested in buying up smartphones again and it's something that I think apple is going to have to answer to Once those phones are revealed in September they're going to have to have decent features you know right now it's basically the same rigmarole uh new cameras new processor basically looks the same so can apple really push the envelope enough to get people back into stores back online and picking up their products the same thing has to do uh is going on with the iPad and the Mac businesses those are both really suffering though uh those are kind of an industry-wide Trend uh where people bought their PCS or laptops they bought their tablets during the pandemic and now they just don't need them and so we're seeing that from manufacturers to chip makers as well so you know for for Apple it's going to come down to you can they get people more interested in buying their smartphones come the announcement in September and a similar situation happening for NVIDIA Superstar year to date but what's been happening in August yeah it's obviously the the massive run-up on Nvidia throughout the year and now the question is can they keep that going they had really bullish projections for the coming uh announcement that they're going to have from the prior quarter um and so I think people are wondering are they going to be able to meet that and then what comes next after that Nvidia really is kind of a singular company when it comes to the AI space they produce chips that nobody else can they've perfected this over years and years they made the bet uh several years ago and now it's really paying off for them but what does that mean I think the other question is what happens when companies uh these kind of hyperscaler companies go out and begin putting their own chips into their own servers we know that Microsoft's working on it Google's working on it Amazon's working on it Tesla has their own super computer that they're building with their own chips they already use Nvidia as well and and Elon musket said look we'll take as many as we can as fast as Vinnie can get them to us but because there's kind of that roadblock because they're competing with everyone else in the world we're starting to see companies put out their own chips so what does that mean then for NVIDIA in the long run as far as these hyperscalers go and I'm not suggesting that they're going to be massive competition for NVIDIA it's just potential roadblocks to those different individual businesses that would potentially buy up massive amounts of their server chips so something of a sobering effect going on here at the moment as people sort of take stock of some of the players going forward great stuff thank you for that update our very own Dan Howley

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