Tech Tycoons Call For AI ‘Refree’, Meets U.S. Senators At Capitol Hill (Video)

[Music] top Tech tycoons arriving for the high-powered AI Summit at the U.S Congress Elon Musk followed by Bill Gates Sam Altman Alex carp of valentir and Mark Zuckerberg a room full of tech tycoons with a combined net worth of more than 46 lakhral rupees it was a close dough meeting on the Capitol Hill on how the U.S Congress should set artificial intelligence safeguards you tell them that AI is a double-edged sword yes and what did you mean by that well we did the metaphor yeah well if you have a short with two sides when you're once I can get you even though you're trying to get something with the other side that's how it works what do you want them to take away I think it's more importantly make sure your health is also you have a help not a sharp thing musk may have laughed at the question of but he was serious enough to add that the consequences of AI going wrong were severe and regulations needs to be proactive rather than reactive he felt the meeting could be one of the most important ones in the history of civilization I think it's clear that there's a strong consensus a woman overwhelming consensus that there should be some AI regulation that would be in the best interests of the people to do so and I think we'll probably see something happen I don't know on what time frame um or exactly how it will manifest itself but the question is what were they going to do yeah I don't know what exactly Perhaps Perhaps the department of AI um it probably let's say I think the probability of there being some sort of air regulatory agency that stands on its own similar to the FAA or FCC is likely at some point the dangers of the emerging technology which has experienced a boom in investment and consumer popularity after the release of open ai's chat GPT chatbot lawmakers want to save Gus against potentially dangerous deep fakes such as bogus videos election interference and attacks on critical infrastructure your report business today television [Music] if you like the video do like comment share and subscribe