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as Terra Luna classic experiences a 10 rebound from its recent lows the crypto Community is buzzing with anticipation the key question on everyone's mind is can Terra Luna classic reach the coveted one dollar Mark in 2023 this video delves into the Terra Luna classic price predictions examining the various factors that could influence its trajectory in the near to midterm future from market trends and technological developments to wider economic influences we will explore the potential paths for Terra Luna classic price growth in the exciting and often unpredictable world of cryptocurrency court documents filed an Illinois detail allegations of collusion between jump trading and terraform labs to artificially inflate the price of Terry USD an algorithmic stablecoin that ultimately failed to gain traction according to court filings filed on May 9 the company purchased millions of UST tokens in 2021 with the goal of artificially inflating the token's value to one dollar taewoo Kim the plaintiff in this case alleges that jump and its CEO Khan of Korea committed violations of the commodity exchange act cftc regulations and common law unjust enrichment according to the complaint jump trading was an early backer and partner of terraform labs jump has signed multiple contracts with terraform and its subsidiaries from November 2019 through September 2020 to borrow tens of millions of Terra Luna tokens and Supply market-making services for transactions in Luna UST and OST these deals gave jump trading the chance to acquire Luna tokens at a significantly reduced price which could then be sold back into the market to boost Jump's own profit the legal allegations against jump trading and terraform Labs could significantly impact the price of Terra Luna classic the lawsuit brings into question the legitimacy of the practices used in the trading and Market making of Terra Luna classic tokens potentially leading to a loss of trust among investors it's also worth considering that the news of the lawsuit could cause Panic selling among Terra Luna classic holders leading to a drop in the token's price however it's important to note that these are potential scenarios and the actual impact will depend on several factors including the outcome of the lawsuit Market sentiment and the broader state of the crypto Market the current price of Terra classic stands at Dollar 0.00090 with a trading volume of 30 541 882 over the past 24 hours the token has seen a slight uptick of around 1.5 percent in the last day as per coin market cap Tara classic holds the 79th position in terms of market capitalization which currently sits at approximately 530 582 613 dollars from a technical perspective the Terra Luna classic to USD pair is anticipated to find immediate support near the dollar 0.00086 level conversely on the upside the lunct ousd pair is expected to confront immediate resistance near the dollar 0.000093 level further on the higher side an additional bullish breakout of this level can expose Terra Luna classic towards dollar 0.00096 a level that marks a 61.8 Fibonacci retracement on the downside the lunc to USD pair could potentially find immediate support near dollar 0.00086 and a dip below this level could potentially pull the Terra Luna classic price down toward the dollar 0.0008218 or 0.000079 Mark

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