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as of now now the price is at 247.92 so in the chart you can clearly see here that the price is facing a strong resistance which is that white line and it which is around 250 and if the price break the resistant then we can expect a further breakout or further ready because previously you can see here that range actually is a strong resistant here you can see that that eight actor has a strong resistant and if and here you can see that the price breaked and after the price shooted up so we're gonna spit a similar pattern here if the price break that 250 251 range then we can expect another upside rally on the other hand for the downside this will be the CPR area will be a major support and it is around two three one point four four so we can see what happened next if the price breakout or Retreat from this point previously also that price tried to cross that and but retreated and here the price take the support and price again bouncing so if the price break that's 250 251 range then we can expect it for the upside rally otherwise we're gonna spit a downside moment so Guys these are the current photos flies up now hope you guys like this video And subscribe to Mr paulines

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