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so you guys probably saw this already but screw it we're gonna break it down anyway 40 EVS will now use Tesla charging Tech and surprise partnership between the two Rivals this is crazy and probably the biggest news of the past week or two under the agreement current Ford owners will be granted access to more than 12 000 Tesla superchargers across the U.S and Canada starting early next year via the use of an adapter and check this out guys Ford's next generation of EVS they'll be expected by mid-decade will include Tesla's charging plug allowing owners of Ford vehicles to charge at Tesla superchargers without an adapter and Farley the CEO of Ford he said the company is totally committed to a single U.S charging protocol that includes the tesl plug Port known as nacs and check this out guys pretty wild so in Tesla's first quarter shareholder deck the company disclosed that it has roughly 45 000 supercharger connectors worldwide at almost 5 000 supercharger stations and think about it guys what if Tesla does this with other comp companies maybe other you know American automakers maybe some foreign automakers I don't know guys what if they're able to make other Partnerships with other companies here to bring them access to their supercharger networks without you know an adapter maybe with an adapter I don't know guys this is big news in my opinion and it's very good for Ford and Tesla what do you guys think don't forget to get up to 15 stocks from moomoo in my bio

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