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and on tests on the Tesla frontal we're talking about the Cyber truck finally it is rolling off the assembly line uh I guess critically would say two years late um but it is it's right there it's on my screen I can see it uh what do you have there in terms of details yeah you know the news of that over the weekend causing Tesla stock to charge higher here earlier today hitting levels not seen since fall of last year but yeah because of tweeting out that pick of that first cyber truck produced that gig Austin now like you mentioned two years after Tesla said that cyber truck would come out but nonetheless here it is now what we don't know if this is just a pre-verification build I mean the truck was the first to go through the the production line it won't actually be put on for sale so we'll see what Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have to say about that but it sounds like Tesla is on track we're holding that customer delivery event later this year in Q3 and beginning limited production of the Cyber truck uh at Giga Austin Perez we got another minute so I'll give you the floor here anything else in the mobility space that is catching your attention today well you know Jared just kind of on the sort of the the bounce off that Tesla news this weekend we saw that of course uh Ford today announced those price grants I don't know if it's actually uh the reason why it's because of Tesla's announcement the Cybertron coming out soon but maybe that could be the reason but rivian also just today uh uh released a video talking about the new dual motor powertrain for the for their uh for their r110 r1s SUV kind of also kind of trying to Trump the news cycle here because I think there is concern that once Tesla got the Cyber truck up and going uh there's going to be a tremendous amount of sales there kind of eating into the into the ribbians of the world and also the Ford F-150 Lightning and also there's also reports that um Tesla will launched the uh cyber truck at a 350 mile range uh trim not the 500 mile range from that they've been talking about at least not right now gotcha and I was just looking at rivian stock price down four percent today so maybe a couple more announcements needed on the horizon thank you for that product Superman

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