Tesla builds first Cybertruck at Texas gigafactory (Video)

chairs of electric vehicle makers rallying today after byd said it expects to Triple its net profit in the first half of the year due to strong EV sales showing little impact from the pricing War in China rival Tesla also had good news the EV giant finally produced its first cyber truck the auto rolled off the assembly line at the company's Austin gigafactory on a Saturday you can see other EV companies boosted as well rivian under some pressure though but Lucid uh all and and I all up on the news from byd and Tesla joining us now is Yahoo finance reporter Alexandra Canal Ali Canal I first want to say the Cyber truck I think is one of the ugliest cars oh gosh it's terrible however I do think that people that love Tesla Love Elon Musk they're gonna humor it because they're likely going to stay within that ecosystem I also think we're going to see more EV adoption across the board right especially with a lot of these charging stations popping up more and more but what's interesting is there was a report that the Cyber truck will only have about 350 mile range that would be significantly below the 620 mile range of Tesla said the Cyber truck would have in 2019 it also would be below the Chevy Silverado which drives at a 450 mile range it would be above the uh F-150 Lightning by 30 miles but still you wonder once that news comes out this is just based on a report if that could affect Tesla stock prices I mean go ahead I was just gonna say the thing I'm curious about going forward the real the real the Cyber truck is a sideshow for now right right it's an interesting Sideshow it's an ugly car blah blah blah people want it I guess the price war is really the thing right now and on that front uh Ford just cut the price of this lightning that's F-150 Lightning uh so now it looks like that the pro commercial truck according to our Pros subramanian who has a story on the Yahoo finance platform on this is going to be cut by almost 10 grand so the new starting price will be 49 995 for that Pro Line so this just showing the continued competition really that it's heating up so much in this industry that's happening here it's happening in China to the case of byd it's happening everywhere and we know that that is part of what fueled Tesla sales recently is just the the pricing strategy they took after their that last round of earnings so I think we can expect to see more of that but also keep in mind for the Cyber truck it's it's been delay after delay and it's just one right they need to produce more they had people who saw signed up for you know who placed orders and they had to stop because they were so far behind in terms of actual production of this I mean certainly good news for the share price today and you're seeing the opposite effect to rivian because of the uh the Cyber truck yeah and you wonder how the pricing Wars too will impact margins and we're going to hear from Tesla later this week so I think that's going to be a key earnings report that a lot of investors will be tuned in on yeah can you imagine the blind spots in that thing I'm just looking get on the road like you're not I don't know