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Elon Musk the owner of x-corp has a habit of garnering headlines not as much for his technological Ventures but also for the things that he in fact goes on to say and this time his company Tesla one of the world's most valuable automakers is in news for approaching things under the carpet rotis has come out with a report that says that Tesla a texas-based electric car maker created a diversion team last year to suppress complaints the task of the team was to cancel as many service appointments as they could so as to say that Tesla saved about a thousand dollars from every canceled appointment the company in fact delivered about 1.3 million cars in 2022 nearly 13 times more than just five years ago as their sales skyrocketed so did the request for service appointments staffers were to track on their average number of targeted appointments most people were scheduling appointments as Tesla had raised consumer expectations Way Beyond what their products could deliver the Tesla projected their electric vehicles as futuristic but they failed to achieve the advertised range estimates and even the projections that were provided by the car's own equipment now experts say that Tesla has designed its algorithm meter in such a manner that it reflects exaggerated projections for the distance that you can travel on full battery but as soon as the battery drops below 50 then the algorithm starts showing the driver some realistic projections of how far the car can go let's also say that the idea of presenting the optimistic range estimates was the brainchild of Elon Musk himself so far neither Tesla nor musk have spoken on this matter you see one of the most important factors that people look for while buying an electric car is the driving range and tampering without range can have some pretty damaging consequences the Tesla was earlier fine this year but the South Korean Regulators who found the cars delivered as little as half of their advertised range in cold weather conditions another study is found that three Tesla models average about 26 percent lower than their advertised range Tesla vehicles provide range estimates in two ways one through a dashboard meter and second through its navigation system now the navigation system works when a driver input is inputed specific destination well navigation estimates are more realistic they still tend to overstate the distance the car can travel before it needs to be recharged the Tesla recently stopped using its diversion team in Nevada to handle range related complaints virtual service advisors in an office in Utah enough handling the range case with respect to the Tesla cars foreign is now available in your country download the app now and get all the news on the move [Music]

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