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hello everyone welcome back to our Channel thank you for subscribing and supporting Evie's Queen if you already haven't please subscribe and also if you want to become a member be sure to check out the description box below a Tesla cyber truck prototype was spotted arriving by plane in New Zealand most likely for final winter testing of the electric pickup truck the Cyber truck is arguably the most anticipated electric vehicle program to launch this year we along with about 1.5 million reservation holders have been following it closely to have an idea of when the first deliveries will happen and in what volume Tesla's latest official comment on the timeline is a planned delivery event around the end of Q3 which would mean around the end of September 2023 electric recently reported that Tesla told suppliers to be ready for cyber truck release candidates in late August and production in early October there have been many signs of Tesla progressing toward production including some images of the production in gigafactory Texas now there's another good sign a Tesla cyber truck prototype was seen being unloaded out of a plane at a New Zealand Airport via cyber truck Owners Club while the vehicle is covered it is pretty easy to recognize the electric pickup truck it's also not exactly surprising to see the yet to enter production vehicle in New Zealand as Tesla has used local Proving Grounds for winter testing in the past Tesla primarily uses its own Proving Grounds in Alaska for winter testing but when it's summer in the northern hemisphere the automaker uses the southern hemisphere Proving Grounds in New Zealand Tesla has already put the Cyber truck through winter testing in Alaska but now the vehicle is likely going to undergo final testing ahead of production the Cyber truck is expected to perform well in difficult snowy and icy conditions thanks to up to four Motors powering an all-wheel drive system and rear steering thank you for watching [Music] thank you [Music]

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