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in in this pricing environment should we continue to see that play into next year or whenever the Cyber truck is finally available for purchase and and delivery how does that impact what Tesla could even expect given the the financing options that would be available given the price tag um and all of the other considerations that consumers would really have to Wade through for a vehicle that still has yet to have a version of it on the streets right now yeah the Cyber truck is a tough one to read I know initially when they presented it they were targeting like a pretty low starting price for a base model I think a single motor uh I think was rear wheel drive um I would be very surprised if the actual cyber truck hit the road in the next year to 18 months and it had a starting price of anything lower than $60,000 I mean that's an expensive proposition out of the gate uh usually all automakers not just Tesla like to get the the most premium version at first those have the the fattest profit margins uh they're sort of the most appealing you get them in the hands of journalists uh it's sort of a win-win and then you sort of trickle down and get to the more affordable ones so it's going to be a while even after the Cyber truck does hit the road it's going to be a while before the more affordable version uh is in consumer hands and again I that's a relatively low volume play relative to Tesla I mean Tesla's the leader right now for model 3 and model y um so I don't see that as having this sort of outsize impact I think the bigger uh news for Tesla is they do have they've already shown a revised model 3 there's a revised model y expected um potentially brings the price down with different Battery Technology uh it's a facelift it looks different we haven't really seen these two vehicles get updated really since they were introduced so I think that actually has more potential to generate interest and sort of boost sales again for Tesla I mean a mass Market cybertruck I mean are we going are we talking about going from the shape of a pentagon down to like a AR rhombus or something like that to make it a circle a circle just a just a circle aere coming down the road with some other Wheels I can't even imagine right oh we can't either we can't wait to see it David undercoffler Auto list editor-in Chief thanks for taking the time here with us today thank you guys

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