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here are the three things that you need to know to start off your morning more weak data out of the world's second biggest economy creating a hedging for investors this morning the key reading of China's Services sectors showing PMI declining to 5 53.9 rather from 57.1 in May that's the weakest since January and Far Below forecasts China's authorities have been looking to boost domestic demand in the aftermath of brutal covet-induced lockdowns this Tyson survey is focused on smaller companies so it provides a different perspective to the official Services PMI the Milwaukee data points on the docket this week as well here in the U.S Friday's payrolls report that's going to steal the spotlight so as the data dependent fed looks to more rate hikes in the months to come before then the release of minutes from the central bank's last meeting will be closely watched the fed's decision to pause its 15-month long interest rate hiking campaign is unanimous and investors will look for any signs of division in the committee markets are pricing in and 86 chance that the FED will raise rates by another quarter points come July and delivering the goods Tesla's seemingly Unstoppable rally getting a Tailwind from strong production and delivery numbers total deliveries for the second quarter coming in at 466 140 total production for the period at just under 480 000 both of these numbers beating expectations the EV leader doesn't report official sales numbers so deliveries are seen as Keith proxy in the company's performance in China could be seen as the big win here deliveries from Tesla's Shanghai plant rose almost 20 percent from a year early

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