TESLA DELIVERIES!! GAP UP! What Next!? (Video)

what's up what's up just want to do a quick little little recap with you guys about Tesla if you guys have been following along uh well we talked about Tesla we talked about the delivery numbers was the last video the delivery numbers beat uh and then what we talked about the potential of where it would go and uh I just want to do a quick little uh quick little recap as far as the s p goes a little bit of overnight pre-market nothing we saw the morning open up strong kind of hold nothing all day we had fomc today uh currently right now it's kind of selling off but overall basing out really kind of holding just this top area uh right here and I don't know if this is a full-blown zone or not but we want to check to check that out in a little bit right now it's talking about Tesla now if you guys have been following along for a while then you saw how I drew these zones if you don't know how I drew these zones um well a couple ways hit the Subscribe button that's free if you want a little more uh a little more Hands-On that's the mentorship right so two ways to get into that are uh you buy the trading Suite which is every I trade all asset classes uh and so I have a course on that by the trading Suite that's all of them it does come with a lifetime um of the the private Discord mentorship uh or the patreon down below those are the only two links I have down below too uh so if anyone else is reaching out to you about anything else that's not me it's teachable patreon that's it top two links down down below anyway let's get into it so Tesla deliveries gapped up jumped right into the Zone we drew this blue line out on Sunday uh so we jumped up ultimately holding that and it wasn't until later today so coincidentally we jumped up into the magic ale box ahead so we opened up right here I was so close anyway we jumped up we had a pretty green day pretty green open more like it came back down closing right there at the right the 280 Mark uh now we gapped out a little bit today pushed up now for the reason for the push-up today is because I actually bought a Tesla put right here so it's green for a little bit uh I bought a test to put I did tell my chat like hey I bought us the put let me know how well you guys do on your profits because my win rate on buying Tesla puts and Swinging them overnight impeccable and by impeccable I mean it's like a 97 98 uh lose rate that's how awesome that is uh so I did buy the 265s I bought them for the monthlies uh because I wanted actually I'm gonna have those are gonna be my heads for for earnings uh but anytime I've I've swung Tesla puts man it's almost a guaranteed L at this point uh so anyway that wraps up so for right now I don't say I don't know why I said that that wraps it up we hit the expected move and today we just pushed outside of it uh now if we were to go any higher I'm gonna sell if we were to have a green day tomorrow I'd probably sell some 300 strike uh calls for this week uh that is a bearish position but just something I'm looking to do uh just to collect some premium while it's jacked up uh I do think we'll probably rain it back in I think the fireworks are probably done as far as the puts go tomorrow would have to look like this for me to really take profit on them again those are a hedge against uh my positions that I have for earnings uh we got the delivery numbers that are great but I think earnings we're gonna find out a real shock as far as uh margins and all that go it's not gonna be the 50 a lot of people are are toting on the YouTube uh so we'll have to see how that that does paint out I'm hoping there's the initial shock drops down maybe we get a pretty decent dip by uh nonetheless if it goes off right just sends it right I just make more money my puts go down it's like an airbag that's fine it just like the airbag in your car you paid for if you don't ever use it it's kind of the coolest story you'll ever have uh but if it goes off well hopefully you make it out of there so that's that's my plan I took today that's my recap on Tesla I'm definitely watching this Zone I do think we ran it back in I think the fireworks are probably done uh but if I'm wrong watch out for this uh this 295 Mark 296 that'll be our second standard deviation uh anyway we got two more days left this market I'll wrap it up here I will see you guys tomorrow live have a good one