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things aren't getting any easier over at Tesla worse than expected earnings issues over the Cyber truck and now more investigations Elon musk's company revealing its automated Driving Systems are under deeper Federal scrutiny the eveve maker revealed in an SEC filing the justice department is demanding info about the systems and a range of company actions yaho finances Alexis Keenan has the details hey Alexis hi Michelle yes so we knew back in January that the justice department had asked Tesla for more information on its autopilot and also its full self-driving systems but in this new quarterly report we're learning that the probes are quite a bit wider in terms of subject matter and also a lot more demanding of Tesla and that's because the prosecutors have subpoenaed Tesla so in terms of they're not asking for this information they're telling Tesla that the company is required to hand over information now take a look at those range of issues there it's not just autopilot and full self-driving features the justice department also asking for information on personal benefits related parties vehicle range and Personnel decisions they say now Tesla offered no additional detail in the report about these probes other than to say to the company's knowledge no government agency in any ongoing investigation has concluded that any wrongdoing has occurred now that leaves us to some speculation but what we do know is that as for the vehicle range a number of news organizations have reported that Tesla's stated mileage range for its Vehicles tend to not hold up in real life and as for personal benefits in August the Wall Street Journal had a report saying that the justice department was looking into whether company funds from Tesla were used to create and design a glass house for Elon Musk now last year also Reuters had a report saying that the justice department was investigating Tesla's past self-driving claims though the company does maintain on its website that autopilot is not a self-driving system and that features that it offers like Auto breaking and Lane correction that those are meant to reduce driver workload but they're not meant to have someone without their hands on the wheel they say they're meant for fully attentive drivers is the way they say it uh but the big takeaway here Michelle I think that these expanded probes really add to this rough week that Tesla has had after its third quarter earnings call last week and also to the existing investigations that we know about with the national highway and traffic safety administration those date all the way back to 2016 so a lot on Tesla's plate this week and uh certainly an expanded and deeper uh range of probes here into the company and it's practices indeed continuing to keep an eye on that story appreciate you getting us up to speed our very own Alexis Kenan

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