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Tesla gearing up for second quarter earnings tomorrow after the Bell the stock skyrocketing more than 55 percent in the last three months here with the top things to watch we want to bring in Yahoo finance's prize to Romania and Pros you got your eye on three things that we need to be looking for in this report tomorrow what are they yeah so three things I'm watching here and Analysis of course is uh first off gross margin trough the Cyber truck and also margin I'm sorry expansion of the factory so let's start off with with the margin trough here so a lot of analysts believe that this quarter might be the low point in terms of Tesla's margin which have been the you know the Envy of the industry they hit around at 19. 19 Automotive gross margin last quarter so people expected to dip again in Q2 but then possibly rise later in the year hopefully for investors they'll hear whether Tesla indicates that that is the case uh secondly cyber truck so yesterday so over the weekend we saw that Tesla tweeted out a picture of that cyber truck and that first one produced out of the Giga awesome facility that's a big deal because you know Tesla was sort of two years late in bringing that that truck on but right now it seems like they are actually starting to produce in low quantities let's see what they say in the earning statement and possibly the call after is this just a pre-verification bill is this truck actually going to be delivered to a customer we'll see about that and finally expansion right so Tesla here you know they probably have around 2 million two and a half million uh vehicle capacity right now they want to hit 20 million by the end of the decade that's gonna mean more factories so Tesla's been talking recently we've seen them in France and India talking about expansion they're just doing some sort of operational activity there and then also the journal reported yesterday that Tesla has been wants to expand Giga Berlin by double let's increase that capacity by double so we'll hopefully hear more about their long-term plans on how they how they plan to build up to 20 million Vehicles by the end of the decade going back to the Cyber truck I mean you know yes there's a lot of excitement around this delivery event that's supposed to happen this fall but the initial announcement was made back in 2019 right did I get my years right 2019. if you think about where the EV truck competition is right now who are who are they going for who who's likely to to go for the Tesla how can they compete when other competitors have already come online with their cars that's a really good question I I think that the Cyber truck kind of occupies its own space in between the F-150 lighting which is which is a war truck and something of an adventure truck mostly a work truck type of everyday kind of vehicle and in the rivian which is purely in my opinion hardcore Adventure people going out over Landing camping all that stuff that Coastal types of people will do I think that cyber truck occupies that middle ground where it can actually be used for both work truck type of activities but also lifestyle and and sort of the adventure travel set there I think that's where the Tesla kind of cyber truck occupies that space and we saw Ford sort of reacting here maybe to the news that Tesla was bringing out this cyber truck uh in possibly limited fashion in this quarter with those deep price cuts of the F-150 Lightning just uh yesterday I'm not I'm not saying that's because but it could be it's not it's not in coincidental that both of these things happen in the last two days yeah well the competition certainly is heating up in the electric pickup space I'm with the kiko though I don't know who the heck is going to be buying this cyber truck I'm not sold I feel like the design is just way too futuristic for me but we'll see there's always people out there that are willing to buy these things all right probably Romanian thanks

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