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meantime Tesla facing a class action lawsuit over its EV driving ranges Pros supermania is here with the details so across we've got another thorn in the side when it comes to Tesla right yeah you know the next shoe dropping here after that big Reuters report talking about how Tesla may have used an algorithm to improve or show Rosier range uh uh kind of a display in the in the in the car when actually you're getting a much less range so uh now comes a proposed class action lawsuit uh where the the planets are alleged it Tesla breach vehicle warranties and engage in fraud and unfair competition uh the three planets allowed that they got you know less range and advertised in fact one city lost 182 miles of range and only got 92 miles of the day that day now I got it I gotta say though DVS sort of have a lot of a broad variance in range when it comes to warm weather versus cold weather versus other conditions but for some reason Tesla according to Consumer Reports has a very the widest range widest disparity in range across different conditions basically getting much less than what they the EPA actually certified them again so I think this is sort of a an ongoing issue and like you said another Thorn on this side for Tesla we'll see if they maybe try to dispose of this lawsuit by settling or who knows because I don't think they're going to want to get into Discovery and emails and you know they also have this diversion team right where they actually had a team in Las Vegas where people complained about range they got sent to this team they would got the complaint rid of and they would bang a xylophone to you know kind of like a boiler room type of fun uh activity there so uh a lot going on that in that report from Reuters so we'll see this where this actually goes from a legal point of view yeah but I could see that even just anecdotally I had my first experience I rented a Tesla while on vacation last week and I could see the difference in like you know just the battery life and one day to the next day after charging it and just literally it was like temperature it seemed like affected that so um I can see the issue again to your point we'll see if this has legs right yeah you know a lot of people um so used to gas powered cars and your Ranger sort of sticks with how much gas you have actually that does vary based on temperature but EVS in particular a lot more because of the batteries be cooled or warmed before you use it and that takes a lot of energy all right thank you Superman thank you all right

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