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well let's let's take a look at one trending ticker we are watching closely today and that is Tesla shares down just slightly here as the financial times reports it will join some European car makers and facing an EU anti-subsidy probe over Chinese exports specifically Rochelle the EU looking at whether in fact the Chinese are providing unfair subsidies and this of course the broader context is this record trade deficit that we have seen between the EU and China we're talking roughly 400 billion dollars last year alone that you looking specifically at the EV Market because it is such a big export spot for these Chinese car makers too and of course Tesla making most of the headlines there just because of the amount of chinese-made vehicles that it's exported especially from its Shanghai Factory during the first seven months of the year according to um Schmidt Automotive Research Tesla sold an estimated 93 700 vehicles from there the next biggest exporter after that was essay saic's mg so that's why Tesla kind of got caught up in this but it obviously it isn't just Tesla's also byd Neo x-punk as well really looking at the exports that they've been making to Western Europe and Europe really trying to to try and level the playing field here and looking at if and to what degree some of these exports have been subsidized yeah one-fifth of all EVS sold in Europe coming from China so that number's certainly something that you is is looking for to see whether in fact as you say the playing field is leveled

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