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foreign Tesla is facing more scrutiny for its driver assistance system the EV maker is now Fielding calls from the national highway Transportation Administration to provide extensive data on its autopilot systems known as Elon mode let's bring in Yahoo finance's price of Romanian to hear more about this latest order from Regulators hey price hey Rachel yeah Tesla's facing more scrutiny here with autopilot the concern here did Tesla make it easier for drivers to take their hands off the wheel while the system is engaged now according to Nitza the agency became aware of an autopilot configuration that when enabled allows drivers using autopilot to operate their vehicles with for extended periods without autopilot prompt midvironment to apply torque to the steering wheel this is colloquially known as Elon mode uh Smith CNBC first reported on a while back so Nitza asked Tesla to respond by August 25th to this allegation and according to nissa's website Tesla did respond confidentially now for its part Tesla says autopilot is intended to use for use with a fully attempted virus so Elon mode clearly doesn't comply with this if you think about it from that torsional sort of uh uh feedback that you one must give to the steering wheel to make the car aware that you actually are still holding the wheel and so is this likely to move the needle on people who were looking to or are considering buying Tesla vehicles in the sense that um they not want to buy it uh if it's under invested I'm not I'm not quite sure about that I know that autopilot is a distinguishing factor that people actually talk about hey this is an advanced autonomous driving feature that I would like to that people would like to use in their cars and I think right now we're not seeing that effect just quite yet especially with the fact that you know you can they've added the monthly subscription feature where you can pay 150 bucks or whatever it is per month to have it as opposed to the 15 000 for uh FSD so it's a better way to get into it but I think right now it still feature still available for use it's still in the process of the whole nits investigation I think the bigger issue Brad is this whole bigger investigation into Tesla cars on autopilot crashing into emergency response vehicles uh at scenes that's sort of a big issue that people are kind of concerned about and if that means taking autopilot off the market or something like that then I think you might see a big impact of sales yeah absolutely Pros Superman thanks for breaking that down for us here today

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