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in a shocking Twist of events Tesla the renowned electric vehicle Colossus has snagged a surprising upgrade and it's all about the future of AI Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley has jolted the financial sphere by upgrading Tesla from hold to buy setting a staggering price target of dollar 400 per share and unprecedented feat on Wall Street the excitement revolves around the realm of artificial intelligence Jonas perceives Tesla's autonomous car project as the mother of all AI projects Tesla isn't merely an automobile manufacturer it's a tech company as well with its supercomputing architecture and custom silicon Tesla is pushing the envelope of AI potentially securing an upper hand in a staggering 10 trillion dollars Market that's right 10 trillion dollars that's the annual revenue Potential from Robo taxi sales when automobiles fully Embrace self-driving technology Tesla is pouring billions into AI to bring this Vision to fruition their custom Computing platform Dojo is leading the charge in this Tech Revolution the burning question remains is Tesla a car company or a tech company according to Jonas it's both and the real treasure Trove it's the software and services Revenue but let's not get ahead of ourselves we're still in the realm of potential while Tesla's enhanced autopilot and full self-driving systems are commendable we're not quite at the point where cars are fully autonomous yet the anticipation is tangible Tesla's stock soared over six percent in pre-market trading setting the stage for a robust day in the market with this upgrade analysts are divided but over 40 percent now rate Tesla as a buy indicating a shift in sentiment Adam Jonas has certainly set a new Benchmark on Wall Street with his audacious 400 price Target despite recent hurdles including price cuts and Rising interest rates Tesla remains a Powerhouse in the market so investors buckle up the future of Tesla and AI is a thrilling ride and the road ahead is packed with a exhilarating turns as we wrap up remember that Tesla's journey into the future of AI is a thrilling one with potential for a 10 trillion dollars Market it's an electrifying player in the market and the road ahead promises twists and turns at every corner until next time happy investing

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