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we're also getting uh some news here this morning that he's facing some pressure here potentially from prosecutors from Regulators over how he used funds tied to Tesla what do we know there yeah the U.S attorney's office for the southern district of New York and the SEC are looking into Elon Musk and the company's uh plan to basically use uh funds from the automaker Tesla to build a house for Elon Musk on his property a literal glass house is what the reports say uh from The Wall Street Journal uh it would have been some kind of Twisted hexagonal shaped house on a property there would have been I mean a waterfall in it for some reason or it's Gotta Have a waterfall thereby yeah just just lean into the to the you know wacky rich guy thing um it would have had bedrooms the whole the whole nine yards the idea here behind uh these probes is you know they're using company funds for his personal use you have to alert uh people to that there was an internal probe by Tesla looking into this uh there was no uh word on whether or not the actual glass was eventually shipped but this was happening during the supply chain crunch so uh it was an issue at the time for Tesla itself and so now for obviously the southern district of New York and the security Exchange Commission to be looking into it uh it seems to be a much bigger deal than just kind of you know a silly literal glass house that he's building I probably should stop throwing stones at this point I thought this was going to be like Prada Marfa that's in the middle of the desert but this is a this sounds like an actual house Shawna it doesn't I don't know I'm a little bit confused at this point to be totally honest but we're gonna have to wait to see what the results of this investigation is going to be and also if we ever hear what the results of that internal investigation from Tesla was Dan thank you

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