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[Applause] well I think in the in the presentation they had pictures of the production line so I think that the production line is up as far as like what it it's supposed to be doing what it sounded like from the call and from my experience with Tesla's ramps for it seems like my whole career or half my career is is is that they will have lots of problems and anybody who doesn't think that this won't be a a difficult process over the next six months for Tesla they're wrong it will be difficult for them and they're trying to do very incredible things here so that's okay because they're now in the final process of of actually scaling this this new and incredible vehicle so so people have to be a little bit patient if they want something that's going to be Innovative and incredible um but elon's back focused on this and this has really been my push as an investor for you know the last six months which I feel have been very successful is really getting them refocused and really energized around Tesla to take on this challenge because I know with elon's focus and the team at Tesla that they will achieve scale of of the vehicle and they will get a vehicle out this year even if it's like one on New Year's Eve they'll probably get it out and you know I'm very optimistic about the truck business now Ross I've got to ask you because you know there was a suggestion that we are going to see weakness in production in Q3 because you know that the factory upgrades obviously they're really trying to you know shift production lines and you know upgrade production output ability like output ability upgrade the total capacity for output but do you think that that puts at risk any you know the the 1.8 million that they're looking at shipping out for the full year because Elon at the end of the call here was a little bit you know reticently seemed a little bit angry at you know giving some specific details do you think that's at risk in your view well I I think that the push on the short term of a you know few cars here or there are now that they're making millions of cars and their revenues a bit on you know 100 billion dollar run right you know it gets a little nitpicky so I get that I think for some of us you know I really thought they would push production but now because they they do have some level of supply and demand balance there isn't a huge reason for them to really try to push production if they can improve quality of the process include margins in the process longer term and Tesla is constantly improving and and so whatever they're going to do to stop production will have an ultimate long-term benefit for the production line so um I have a lot of faith this will actually be good and and we're long-term investors in Tesla and I say this all the time you can't buy Tesla stock and want to make a ton of money next year you have to look at over the next five years they're a hugely consequential something doing amazing things and and it'll be a fun ride I can tell you that

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